Kiseong 12 Game 1 OYose

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Game commentary
Moves 82-91  

HolIgor: I did not understand the idea behind W1, W3 for a very long time. Why playing W3 lightly? Then, I thought that I would probably just capture the marked stone is a passive geta. W1, W3 gives white some security for urgent reduction of black's moyo.

HolIgor: B4, B6, B8 - three moves in the same area. And that is not the end of the story yet.

HolIgor: After B8, white has to be worried about the center stones.

Moves 92-101  

HolIgor: B8 connects black stones. Black has now played 4 moves in this area and got some land at the bottom. White is low. White cannot create more territory, he just erases.

HolIgor: B2 peeps to the right too. A fierce attack at the thin group there is possible.

Moves 92-101  

HolIgor: This short sequence is full of homework.


Question 1: Is black sure he does not die after W1, B2. I know he is, yet this is a homework.

Question 2: W3 defends this part. What damage black can really inflict?

Question 3: B4 is the fifth move in this erea. But now at last white's group is cut off. White plays a multipurpose W5. It looks rather thin, yet there is an implication to the left, isn't there? Or to the top? The main purpose of the move is to run away with the cut-off group.

Question 4: Next black's move is totally unexpected at my level. I did not know such moves exist.

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