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I played black. :-(

PC[Dragon Go Server: [ext]]
GC[Game ID: 672844, rated]
PB[Kirk Martinez (kmartine)]
PW[Erkki Tuomi (erkki)]
BR[4 kyu]
WR[1 kyu]
OT[Japanese byoyomi: 60 days + 1 day per move and 10 extra periods]
End position  

I feel so confident with all those black stones, but maybe I shouldn't be...

Moves 1 to 10  

OK, now that I've gotten some solid territory, I have to neutralize that wall...

JoelR: I would have said this line of play was too low, but on BQM55, Charles illustrates just this against san-ren-sei. This is not san-ren-sei, though: you have the lower left corner. This makes me want to make a double approach, to coordinate with that stone.

Moves 11 to 20  

I guess that's to be expected. fractic: I think B6 at a is better see Play away from thickness. The B6 from the game leaves room for an invasion.

Moves 21 to 30  


Moves 31 to 40  

Andy: I think you don't go badly wrong until B34 here. I would think about attacking white+circle with a move at a. If white runs out through the elephant jump, you give chase with the idea of getting in a double-purpose move that threatens to pull out black+circle. You can also use the thickness you build while chasing white to strike later at white's weakly linked stones on the right edge. The way it turned out instead, you make white strong on the top and then pushed white out between two weak groups of yours.

JoelR: I agree. black+circle should be treated lightly. You'll make more profit threatening to pull it out than actually doing so. For example, attacking white+circle.

Moves 41 to 50  

JoelR: B42 is inconsistent. Having played B34 B36 B38, you had better not abandon them. B42 at a will capture W39 and give you a solid group.

Moves 51 to 60  
Moves 61 to 70  

JoelR: B64 looks submissive. If you're concerned about this group, you have to get out in front, and let some stones go along the way. a looks interesting, as pressure on white+circle. Maybe those stones are too strong, but still, it looks like the right relation to your stones.

Moves 71 to 80  
Moves 81 to 90  
Moves 91 to 100  

My groups already look pathetic, but here's some more:

Moves 101 to 110  
Moves 110 to 119  
Moves 120 to 129  
Moves 130 to 139  

Losing the whole way. Wow.

After the end position  

It looks like black only lost the game because he resigned. Counting the points, black is not all that much behind even if both the left side and the lower left corner were entirely dead, and one of the two sequences starting with B1 should be quite enough to take the game.

When playing against a stronger opponent, it is important not to fall into desperation even if some of your plans backfire. Instead you should try to break your emotional attachment to the game whenever you are feeling stumped, try to step back from the game a bit, and analyze the position as if it were just another problem in a book. This will help you to judge the position correctly.

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