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Hi, I'm Kenshin. I'm not a very good player. I started out back when Hikaru no Go was first published in the U.S. version of Jump. I've played on and off since then, but just recently decieded to get serious in my studies. I'm always looking for a teaching game, and right now and searching for a shodan or above mentor. Trying to reach to goal of shodan by 2008. My strength right now is about 17k, so I've got some work to do.

As of Mar 10, a KGS 11k told me I'm closer to 13k. So, I've got an AGA ranker coming up which will iron out the details.

As of Mar 24 I'm about 14-12k. So, just depends on how I play I guess.

As of April 6 I can play a good game against a 1k at nine stones and a 5k at 4. So I should be about 10, but application to even is a bit shaky.

As of May 8, I'm still not a solid rank. Still in the 14-10 range, but depends on the opponent. Some I match up very well to, others I don't. Just depends on how tricky the game gets.

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