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Notice: This article is incomplete and out of date, last updated in 2007. This meanis that it lacks all details about the actual results of the league, including whether it even took place. If you know anything about who won this league tournament, the standings of other competitors, whether it became a recurring league, or any other relevant information, please update the text (and remove this banner to your discretion).

What is it?

The Kato Memorial Series, named in honor of Kato Masao, was an idea that was running through the heads of the national officers of the American Go Honor Society (AGHS) for quite some time. It got made into a reality in September 2005, after all the other AGHS programs had settled into place. This tournament is designed to be the first real title tournament series in the North and South Americas. It has been designed to promote more awareness of go in America as well as provide for some more creative means for youth to continue to play go.

How were the players determined?

We took seven youths based on past performance in AGHS activities. We added three, who were nominated for exceptional performance outside AGHS and formed a league.

How does the league work?

The ten players have been divided into two pools of five competitors. Each pool, also known as final preliminaries, uses the round robin pairing system. After all rounds are finished, then the highest ranking competitor in pool "A" will face the highest ranking competitior in pool "B" in the challenger decision match. The winner of that match would then face the title holder to hold all the prizes, titles, glory, etc. Since this is the first year, we do not have a title holder - so the challenger decision match automatically becomes the titleholder match. The lowest ranking league member in each pool is also demoted from the list of members of next year's league.

How do the preliminaries work?

The qualifying preliminaries (also known as the first and second preliminaries) are a single knock-out round basis to determine who will become the new league members to replace demoted or overage members. League members who are demoted have the opportunity to become a league member again if they win through the qualifying preliminaries. However, once a player reaches the age of 26, then that player must vacate any position he have. Should the 26-year old member be a league member and/or title holder, then he is asked to step down from his position and another league spot becomes available for the following year. In qualifying preliminaries, people with exceptional abilities are awarded seeded recongitions. People who were formally league members automatically move into the second preliminaries. Those who are national officers of AGHS, national president or vice-presidents of the Canadian Go Honor Society? (CGHS), the national team champions of the US K-12 NTGT? or the NGSTT?, are awarded first round byes in the first preliminaries only.

Who is playing in 2006?

 | Pool A            |  JC  |  RL  |  LC  |  GS  |  MC  |
 | Jin Chen 7d       |  -   |      |      |      |      |
 | Richard Liang 7d  |      |  -   |      |      |      |
 | Luke Chung 6d     |      |      |  -   |      |      |
 | Gina Shi 5d       |      |      |      |  -   |      |
 | Micheal Cheng 4d  |      |      |      |      |  -   |
 | Pool B            |  JH  |  MB  |  GR  |  JL  |  KN  |
 | Joe Hu 7d         |  -   |      |      |      |      |
 | Matthew Burrall 6d|      |  -   |      |      |      |
 | Greg Rosenblatt 5d|      |      |  -   |      |      |
 | Jing Wei Lim 4d   |      |      |      |  -   |      |
 | Keith Nelson 4d   |      |      |      |      |  -   |

Match schedule


January 13th - KGS @ 7 pm Pacific / 10 pm Eastern

Jing Wei Lim 4-dan vs. Matthew Burrall 6-dan

Richard Liang 7-dan vs. Michael Cheng 4-dan

Luke Chung 6-dan vs. Jin Chen 7-dan

Greg Rosenblatt 5-dan vs. Keith Nelson 4-dan

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