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I want to make it clear that i never intended this page to be an attack of any admin or assistants as A PERSON. I'm sure that there are plenty of people who'll vouch for the people who're nominated here as "good person".

I intended this page to be a page where KGS users can say "I think A or B is doing a bad job at being an admin/assistant". So far, users really have no place to channel this opinion. (and please, none of that "you could just say it to an admin". We all know how well that works :P)

. This is why I insisted that one must use his KGS nick to nominate, as anonymity would be detrimental to the purpose of this page

I don't really see what's wrong with the existence of this page, and even less why it was described as "[a] page [that] has no place on SL."

Finally, let me quote Arno on what he thinks about SL: "I don't understand what people are fighting about. SL is a large sandbox, in fact, it is so large some people mistake it for a beach. What I'm trying to say is that everyone can build his own sandcastle here. I don't understand why certain pages are a threat. Let them have their sandcastle, and you can have yours. And where your pages intersect be respectful and share alike (e.g. like on the liberty page which gives room to both meanings of the term). I don't see an issue that can not be sorted out."

In this spirit, I've put back the Nominations below.


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