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This page is where wms gives info on the status of the next KGS release. It's kind of a companion page to the KGS Wishlist; the wish list is where KGS users say what they would like me to do, this is where I say what I want me to do. For slightly more long term plans, see KGS Plans. As soon as a release is out, I'll cut out its status from here, but you can see past release status at [ext] the KGS change log.

For information on whether the KGS server is down, see KGS server status.

Current Work

You should now track current work on the [ext] blog

3.3.25 in 2009

3.3.18 is out. The big new thing is automatch.

Please try it out. It only takes ctrl-n, and you can do it at the same time you use the old system to find a just press "ctrl-n" before you start looking for a game. As more people use automatch, it will become more useful. :-)


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