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This page is just for fun, to track spectator records (or at least games with an unusually high number of spectators) on KGS.

  • 2009-09-15 w:bigben79 9d vs. b:bigbadwolf 9d (b+res): 676 spectators
  • 2009-09-15 w:bigbadwolf 9d vs. b:ericdai 9d (b+res): 617 spectators
  • 2009-08-19 w:ericdai 9d vs. b:bigbadwolf 9d (w+1.5): 589 spectators
  • 2016-03-15 w:Alphago NR vs. b:Lee Sedol 9p (w+res) : 715 spectators

The record is probably held by the tartrate vs. gentlerain game (see TartrateVsGentlerain) in March 2008 with over 800 spectators.

glue: those are not records, there has been at least one game with more than 1000 observers. So not much point in citing those games I guess. The page title is probably not specific enough.

More fun: 9x9 spectators

  • 2009-08-19 w:MoGoBot1? vs. b:teytaud (b+res) (claimed to be 9p by KGS admins, Cho U? Chun-Hsun Chou?): 118 spectators

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