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Attention: Do not confuse it with the iPad, which is not endorsed by the Ing Foundation or the IGF. Most IngApps do not work on a iPad, so do not buy one by mistake.

The Ing Pad is a new product produced by the Ing Foundation to help developing Go communities. It is currently in version 1.3 as of August 2010, the first trial version was released in May earlier in the same year.

Although it is new on the market there are several Go apps available, among them:

  • IngClock - can emulate the full functionality of the famous Ing Timer, complete with the original sound files
  • IngClockConfigure - the convenient application that allows you to configure your standard Ing Timer
  • IngCounting - tutorial to correct counting with Ing Rules, complete with a test and 120 counting problems - Become a certified ingCounter now!
  • IngSolitaire - Bonus app to allow Ing style Solitaire Game, only with ASCII graphics at present

Questions and answers

So it doesn't include an all options covering description of the Ing Rules?

Is it for the iPhone?

And can we have a link?

  • I sense several misconceptions here. IngCounting is an IngApp for the IngPad, there is currently no IngPhone on the market and it surely isn't an application for the iPhone. However, it covers the counting procedure in every imaginable situation. The 120 problems are just a sample of the most complicated situations for the upcoming IngCounter. By the way, the first ten certified IngCounters will be invited as referees for the next Ing Cup.

willemien where can i find it? would like to give it a try...

isd The EGF may have some in stock soon.

willemien: Only later i noticed the humour tag. maybe we should make it a bit clearer, and was i the only one who did not see it .....

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