Hurrying your opponent during the game

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Hurrying your opponent can come in the following forms

  • Telling your opponent to play faster,
  • Forcing your opponent to make a move
  • Making subtle gestures that your opponent is playing too slow (eg. 'zzz', spamming the page)

DeathWind: I come across such cases once in a while. I am not a fast player to begin with. I can play fast if I want, but I Chose not to. I took up blitz playing for a very short while before, and find that I could easily develop the habit to play fast. That is why it is not surprising many people play fast games. Playing fast games may seems 'cool' and makes you look 'smart'. But are those hasty moves really good? Could you have avoided possible mistakes if you spent a little more time thinking over them? I have decided that playing very fast moves without comtemplation is detrimental to one's progress.

If my opponent wants to play fast, be my guest, but he or she has no right to deprive me of the right to read a position for as long as I want. Moreover usually those games are timed. It's just a simple dose of patience that is needed.

If it was my opponent taking long time to play his or her moves, I would actually be glad than be annoyed. Because I can use those time to think and formulate plans in the game. You can use your opponent's time to your advantage. And also you might get a time advantage over your opponent, so why should you be complaining?

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