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2006-07-28! hello every one I want to know if any one has tronts ot downloads for hikaru no go's specials thnk you ^_^ -Emanuel-


For those of you fortunate enough to get the [ext] ImaginAsian TV Channel, Hikaru No Go is now being shown as part of its anime offerings.

You can also rent volumes 1 and 2 on [ext] Blockbuster.com.

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month everyone! teklex


German speaking Hikaru fans (and all other Senseis) are invited to help creating publicity for a (not completely unthinkable) German TV appearance of Hikaru by voting for it at: [ext] http://www.wunschliste.de/index.pl?vote&r=02&s=4509#4509 We can make it into the top 20, for sure! dnerra


I'm a bit confused. The three files in the animetorrents.com's specials-file were the 2002 New Year Special from the time the series were still being made. So it can be watched between the 12th and the 13th episode as a reference, although it contains no new material. Then there is the "Special Edition"-file, which is an alternate version of the 64th episode (the rather meaningless side-story that took place in the antiques shop). And then there is about a 30-second Umezawa Yukari Sensei clip. So is the 2004 New Year Special the only real continuator of the series or is there one from 2003 too? ubique?


There is a [ext] BitTorrent link to the subbed version [ext] here.


The "special new year episode" appears to be available. The [ext] torrent contains 3 files: this year's special, last year's special and a Umezawa Yukari Sensei special. (appears because I am still downloading, havent verified yet) -- Velobici

ZeroKun: Sorry, but that is a previous new years special.

Velobici: The file [AznA] Hikaru no Go - Special Edition is an anime that I have never seen before. Are you sure that this is old material?

matze: Yes this is old but the raw of the new special is now available on [ext] BitTirrent. I know that the German [ext] GFTP group is going to sub it. Don't know of any English group yet.

dnerra: If anyone here can read German: If you would be interested in a published German translation of any specific Manga, you can vote for it at the page [ext] Mangas fuer Deutschland.

No, this is too much. So this link will take me to news about Hikaru... But it will spoil the fun of reading the episodes on Toriyamaworld. But they are released at a really slow pace for a junk like me... Aaah!

Must... resist...... temptation............

The French editor [ext] Tonkam will shortly publish the French translation. This is the announcement:

Hikaru no go de Yumi Hota et Takeshi Obata. L'un des mangas phare de Shonen Jump, il est actuellement adapté en série télé animé. Hikaru, douze ans trouve un jeu de Go dans le grenier de son grand-père. Bien qu'il ne sache pas y jouer, il le prend et se fait posséder par l'âme de Saî un noble champion de jeu de Go. Il va accompagner Hikaru dans de grandes aventures.

Rafael Caetano: I've been "meeting" (mostly on net) many Brazilian beginners who took go after getting addicted to Hikaru no Go. There's a sizeable manga/anime community here, and apart from a recent mention in a local manga magazine, HnG has become a hit almost through word of mouth alone!

And that's just an English scanlation. Well, there's a Portuguese translation effort going on, but all fans that I met are reading the English translation. I guess more and more people are going to get addicted to HnG (and hopefully to Go too) as the Portuguese translation catches up.

What has been the effect of Hikaru no Go on your country? Maybe this deserves a page of its own. HikaruNoGoEffect?

In Chapter 119/120, Hikaru plays One Colour Go for the first time in his life. Actually this is also an interesting way of playing Go.

December 24th, 2003:

Tv Tokyo will broadcast a "special new year episode" on January 3rd, 2004. This episode will be 1h30 (from 10h to 11h30 japan time).

Ref: [ext] http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/hikaru/news/index.html

Trailer (In Real Video format) : [ext] http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/hikaru/news/ram/256.ram

According to totalmanga, this will be the anime version of the missing chapters. If this information is correct, this mean there won't be a second season to end the anime like the rumour spread.

Ref : [ext] http://www.totalmanga.net/news.php?news=269


June 30th, 2003 -

Viz has now let loose (through the American Go Association's e-newsletter) that they have the rights for both the manga and the anime. There is some information at [ext] Toriyamas World. This means that the last two episodes will probably not be translated until they are released on DVD, which is both a good and a bad thing.

- Jamuraa

17 August 2003:

Viz has announced that Hikaru no Go will be appearing in "Shonen Jump", beginning in January 2004.

From the [ext] announcement:

This series (Hikaru no Go) will be making its debut as a serialization in the January issue of the SHONEN JUMP Magazine, to replace Sand Land that ends in the November issue.

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet!

-- Benjamin Geiger

12 September 2003:

I visited [ext] http://www.planetanime.com and was able to pre-order a copy of the "Hikaru No Go Graphic Novel" for around $6.00 (US). According to the web site, the novel will ship on November 20, 2003. It is being published by Viz and the current ISBN number is ISBN1-59116-222-X. Accoding to someone at Planet Anime, this will be an English translation of the Manga.

-- easco

June 29th, 2003-

If no one has licensed the anime, anyone know what this is?

[ext] http://www.crosstoy.com/dvd-hikaru-no-go.html

This isn't the only site selling these DVDs...

- Ender

StormCrow: Yes, they are bootleg DVDs probably from Taiwan. Almost all region 0 (regionless) DVDs with Chinese and English subtitles are bootlegs.

See [ext] http://www.jazzmess.com/merch/bootlegfaq.html for more information about bootlegs.

June 26th, 2003- - The licensing of the Hikaru no Go manga will not affect the fansubbing of the Hikaru no Go anime as when it comes to licensing, anime and manga licenses are unrelated. That is to say when a company publishes the rights to the manga, they only get the rights to the manga. At current, no-one has licensed the anime.

 - AJR

June 24th, 2003-

Does anyone know how this will affect the fansub of Hikaru no Go anime? Only two episodes remain to be fansubbed. The fansub retains the soundtrack of the original Japanese work and adds English subtitles.

The licensing of Hikaru no Go will bring the scanlation of Hikaru no Go to an end. The scanlation replaces the original Japanese text with English text in the same "text bubbles" typically used in cartoons to indicate dialog. Occasionally, the sound effects are replaced with English. At other times the Japanese katakana is retained.

 - Velobici

Information has come out that Hikaru no Go has been licensed for official publication in English by an established U.S.-based manga company. This is very good news. It won't be too long now before HikaruNoGoJunkies can hold English HikaGo in their hand and read on the Go (lame pun, lame pun).

 - MikeNoGo

I think this is a mixed blessing. Having a comic as well-done, compelling, interesting, and well-translated as HNG has been an incredible community-builder for Go online. A large percentage of new players that I meet these days (including many very enthisastic ones) began because of HNG. I'm quite skeptical that the same kind of enthusiasm will erupt for commercial versions.

I know that this is the way of the world, and that the licensing company will make the manga available to people who aren't getting it now, but we're losing something here. There was an indescribable joy in sharing the latest episode with folks on KGS, of discussing plot points and knowing that everyone else could join in at any time.

I have the same feeling I had at the point when the internet was handed over to the big companies (after being built up by our tax dollars) -- the loss of community for the sake of profit.

 -- Scartol

As of Episode 75 (Anime) and Chapter 189 (Manga), Hikaru No Go has officially ended. The creators are planning one short story addition this summer, the summer of 2003, but that's it.

Can anyone give us any more news about this? Did they give any reasons?

Naustin--I want to read this but don't know how. I have tried all these links etc. The one place I got too was for the anime but it took 5-10 minutes for me to download 1% of the file. I would like to read the manga(?) which I gather is like the comic book version as opposed to the anime (cartoon) version (which came first BTW?) but can't find a way to do that. Is it because of legal stuff or because I'm not good with computers? One site had other stuff but said HNG was IRC only. I didn't really understand that. I thought that stood for Internet Relay Chat. Maybe it's better I don't get hooked but it sounds really cool. Thanks.

GoStone Naustin, get your English subtitled Hikaru manga from [ext] Toriyama's World

Zarlan: GoStone, Toriyama's World has removed the Hikaru no Go downloads because Hikaru no Go has been licensed.

Naustin--Thats what I thought. You can look at the covers but that's it. I guess I just missed the bus on this one.

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