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This page lists way of accessing the Hikaru no Go anime which used to work, but seem to be defunct now. So please bear in mind that this page (deliberately) contains outdated information. The anime and manga series have been licensed in the United States and Canada by [ext] VIZ Media.

Currently working access methods and servers are listed on Hikaru No Go/Archive.

I have a webserver I would like to donate to this cause.

 ftp to: "www.megablip.com" or just "megablip.com"
 username (login): ftp
 password: none (just hit enter)
 use the "put" command to upload files
 use the "ls" command to list files
 use the "get" command to download files
 Make it happen folks!
 email me at ftp@megablip.com

ONLY UPLOAD HikaruNoGo stuff.

 Limit 8 users at a time       -doulos


 'DONE' is done.
 'IN PROGRESS' is in progress, uploader to update this page.
 'PENDING' is not started yet but with an identified volunteer.
 THE GO MASTERS    DONE        BenShoemaker
 01-12             DONE
 New Year Special  DONE (follows episode 12 in storyline)
 13-61             DONE

To ensure binary mode, type 'bin' before starting to upload with 'put'. In order to upload: change directories to the "upload" directory on the FTP server.


 [ext] ftp://megablip.com           User:ftp        MAINTENANCE
 [ext] ftp://hngserver.dnsalias.net User:???        UNKNOWN

Hey, I just found a great way to get the latest couple episodes of HNG. If you go here, [ext] http://a.wirebrain.de/hng/ . You have to install a program that is like a p2p application but for only a couple of files, and then click on the link. Everyone downloading is also sharing so you can get the file soooo fast. I am getting ep. 54 right now at 180KB/s, which makes a 170MB download take less than 16 minutes :)

unkx80: Moved to [ext] http://a.scarywater.net/hng/.

Jurgen One can still download the 10 latest eps from this site, so it's not defunct...

The latest Episode won't be found anymore at [ext] http://stekt.oulu.fi/~spl/anime/hng/

try [ext] http://stekt.oulu.fi/~spl/anime/092h24tv/ for episode 55

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