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3-4 approach  

LeelaZero's preference is to play the approach of W1. It offers this settling sequence, with a-b-c as a local continuation and Black taking sente to play d.

3-4 approach  

The approach is also KataGo's preference but Black's response is different, so that White moves out rather than settling locally. Black gets territory and sente to play B8.

Outside approach  

LeelaZero's second choice is to approach at W1, upon which Black switches to the opposite corner 3-3 invasion, a common pattern in AI opening.

Outside approach - KataGo  

KataGo likes the approach here 1 pt less than in the lower right. It comes up with this redeemed attach extend joseki.

3-3 invasion  

The 3rd choice is a 3-3 invasion. Black uses sente to enclose the bottom right with B6. White does NOT move to the opposite corner but instead checks the framework with W7, which has a traditional veil. B8 of course does switch to the upper left for another 3-3.

KataGo is more appreciative of the invasion, which it ranks 2nd. It suggests W7 as an enclosure of the lower left (any of 2 directions). In general KataGo likes corners even more than LeelaZero, it seems.


An idea which may not be novel but certainly got more exposure by AI play, is the attachment at W1, resulting in this trade-off of 4th line territory vs influence on the lower side. White 11 would be played at a.


This is KataGo's sequence resulting from the attachment.

Traditional check  

LeelaZero comes up with the traditional W1 to keep Black's development in check, with B2 and W3 as common answers. Both enclose a corner from a 4-4, then Black approaches. This variation is evaluated as -4% compared to the approach at B2.

KataGo plays B4 at B8 right away. It evaluates this sequence as a 2 point loss compared to the approach at B2.

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