Hayago Meijin

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(早碁名人戦) There were two tournaments, one for the Nihon Kiin and the other for the Kansai Kiin, both sponsored by the Sankei newspaper.

Time limits were 4 hours each when most other tounaments allowed about 10 hours; not quickplay (hayago) by today's standards.

These tournaments were later combined to start the Judan tournament.

Kansai Kiin Hayago Meijin

Started first by the Sankei newspaper based in Osaka. The final was a 3-game challenge match.

Kansai Kiin Hayago Meijin
Ed. Year Winner score Runner-Up
1st 1954 Kubouchi Shuchi ? ?
2nd 1955 Kubouchi Shuchi ? ?
3rd 1956 Handa Dogen 2-1 Kubouchi Shuchi
4th 1957 Tainaka Shin 2-1 Handa Dogen
5th 1958 Tainaka Shin 2-0 Hashimoto Utaro
6th 1959 Tono Hiroaki ? Tainaka Shin
7th 1960 Hashimoto Utaro 2-0 Tono Hiroaki
8th 1961 Sato Sunao 2-0 Hashimoto Utaro

Nihon Kiin Hayago Meijin

Same format as above.

Nihon Kiin Hayago Meijin
Ed. Year Winner score Runner-Up
1st 1956 Sakata Eio 2-0 Magari Reiki
2nd 1957 Miyashita Shuyo 2-1 Sakata Eio
3rd 1958 Miyashita Shuyo 2-0 Takagawa Kaku
4th 1959 Sugiuchi Masao 2-1 Miyashita Shuyo
5th 1960 Fujisawa Hosai 2-1 Sugiuchi Masao
6th 1961 Fujisawa Hosai 2-0 Sakata Eio

Exhibition Game by Telegram

From the 1956 to 1959 editions, the winners of both tournaments played an exhibition game by wire as a part of next New Year celebration. All were won by Nihon Kiin players.

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