Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 9 / Solution

White to live  

W1 prevents the capture of two stones and makes shape. She has to be careful in answering B2 and B4.


White should play W1. When B2 atari, W3 captures, and B4 captures...


White can recapture at W5, and has two eyes at a and b.

Alternative follow-up  

The tesuji at W1 works too.


After W5, it just transposes back to the previous solution.

Mistake in the follow-up  

If instead of throwing in, White blocks at W1, B2 starts a ko.


W1 on the 2-2 point doesn't give life. After the connection at B6, White still has only one eye in the corner. Black can also play atari with B2 at B4.

Wrong (ii)  

Connecting at W1 is the third way to save the two stones. Black plays hane at B2 and makes a placement at B4 - and White is dead, because now a and b are miai. Black could also kill by playing B2 on the vital point of this shape, namely W3.

White to live  

ProtoDeuteric: Does this work?

unkx80: W3 should play at W5 for life, and B4 should play at W5 to kill with a bulky five.


go student: What about this. There should be at least a ko, as I can see. Please tell me if I miss something

B2 atari at a or B4 connect at W5 below are clean kills


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