Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 8 / Solution

Enlarge eye-space  

Enlarging the eye space with W1 is the key move, and probably not too hard to come up with. After Black blocks with B2, White's descent with W3 is tesuji. Whatever Black tries hereafter, he can't reduce White to one eye anymore.

Wrong follow-up (i)  

If White forgets about the descent tesuji, and connects with W3, B4 destroys the eye space and the hane at B6 reduces to one eye. The order of B4 and B6 can be inverted. B4 at W5 also kills.

Wrong follow-up (ii)  

White's follow-up at W3 here is also a mistake. B4 makes miai of a and b to kill White. W5 at c is answered by Black d, creating shortage of liberties. (Note: B4 should not be at b: White blocks at c and has a ko to live.)

Awkward continuation?  

Mike Terry: Depending on what is further up the board, White may be able to continue from the previous diagram, resisting stubornly as shown here. After W7, White will either live in the corner or break out up the left hand side. Black can prevent all this by playing B2 at a, leading to a ko, but in any case this option is clearly inferior for White, compared to living unconditionally as in the proper solution.


If White plays the 1-2 point first, answered by Black taking the other, and then plays the W3-B4-W5 exchange as in the correct answer, B6 creates shortage of liberties.

W7 at a means dying in gote.
W7 at b provokes atari at c, White connects at a and dies.
Only W7 at d deserves further attention.

A throw-in tesuji  

The throw in at B2 kills. If B2 at W3, then W3 at B2 makes life in seki. B2 at B4 also works.

Wrong (ii)  

If White plays this 1-2 point, Black has an easy time killing White.

Enlarge eye-space  

demetria: I've only just started studying Go, so I'm having a hard time imagining this. What happens if black plays B2 at A? Doesn't that stop white from enlarging the eye space?

Enlarge eye-space  

unkx80: W3 captures the B2 stone. Please see chapel.

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