Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 69 / Solution

Main line: Hashimoto Utaro
Variations: Dieter

Main line  

Black starts at the 1-2 point. Usually, White keeps this shape to one eye, but here there is aji in black+circle. The key move is B5. After B7, Black can either capture four stones in shortage of liberties at a, or make two eyes at b.

Variation at 6  


Failure at 1  

Because of the presence of white+circle, B1 doesn't work. B3 and W4 are miai, and so are a and b.

Failure at 5  

If B5 here, White destroys his eye with W6.

Failure at 5  

Now B7 and W8 are miai to take the eye away.

Failure (ii) at 5  

B5 here is not sufficiently forcing on White's four stones. White takes the time to create a killing shape with W6. (unkx80 has written specifically about this shape at rectangular six in the corner.)

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