Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 6 / Solution

Main line  

B1 makes miai of a and b to live.

2 and 3 are miai  

After B3, there are real eyes at the circled points.

Yes they are  

After B3, there are real eyes at the circled points.

Charles I have had an off-line query about this.

White's try for ko  

What if we get the plays up to W3 here?

Then B4 sets up an oiotoshi. Now if White takes black+circle, Black gets eyes by playing atari at the 1-1 point.

Wrong (i)  

The other 1-2 point is not the solution. White pushes through with W2 and plays at the vital point W4, making miai of a and b for the kill.

Wrong (ii)  

The 2-2 point doesn't provide life either.

White pushes at W2 and creates a situation very similar to problem 1. As in that problem, W4 is the vital point, and White strikes it to kill Black.

Playing W2 at a is probably even a better way for White to kill.

unkx80: I believe that W2 is OK, but playing W4 at a is a far better way to kill. It avoids the bent four in the corner by the sequence Black a, White b, Black c, White d altogether.

Wrong (iii)  

One would think that enlarge the eye space with B1 suffices, but it doesn't.

White says "There is death in the hane" and plays W2. After the eyespace is further reduced with W4, Black is left with a bulky five and White strikes at the vital point.

unkx80: After the hane at W2, Black effectively has an L-group.

Wrong (iii)  

Playing at B3 here doesn't help Black.

This is just one variation. Note: Playing W6 at W8 would make Black play at W6 and White at a. This is a bent four in the corner shape and it's dead too, but if you can avoid that shape and kill in a simpler way, it is better to do so.

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