Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 24 / Solution


The 1-2 point  

Strange things happen at the 1-2 point!

Thanatos13: Belly hit sounds right. see belly attachment tesuji

Main line  

After Black captures two stones at B6, White throws in with W7 at W5...


If Black connects with B2, W3 creates a snapback. If B2 at a, W3 again does the trick.

Variation 1  
Variation 1A  
  • If B6 at a, W7 at 1 captures and makes a living shape.
  • If B6 at W1, W7 at b makes a second eye.
  • If B6 at b, W7 at a makes life.
Variation 1B  


Wrong 1  

Wrong 2  

KarlKnechtel: This diagram seems to suggest that a and b are miai, but I'm not convinced:

Wrong 2  

Isn't this seki? If Black tries to play at either a or b the resulting capture leaves a living BentFourInTheCorner, since in each case there are miai to cut the space into two parts.

unkx80: This is not seki, this is a dead group. Please refer to rectangular six in the corner. Also, what you called the bent four in the corner should be simply termed as bent four.

KarlKnechtel: (after referring as requested) Ah. I neglected that Black's play at a would capture the group with the outside liberties filled :) Forest and trees are miai in my vision it seems ;)

Also, could someone refute this White 1 below (which was my instinctive, 5-seconds-of-thought answer):

Wrong? (6 at 1; but is this the best line after 1?)  

unkx80: Of course White 1 is wrong. Otherwise this diagram is perfect.

Rauli: I beg to differ. 6 should be at 8. Style ;-)
unkx80: This I know. Just that I do not want to be that nitpicking. =)

KarlKnechtel: I can get *something* right at least then ;)

And just to follow up, White 3 at 4 leaves a dead shape in the large corner eye, and Black plays 4 at a to prevent a second eye. Right?

unkx80: Yes.

Wrong 3  

Problem 25
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