Gokyo Shumyo, Section 1, Problem 2 / Solution

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Main line  

B1 is the only move. After B1, the points a and b are miai for life.

Related proverb: strange things happen at the one-two point - in this case you need to know which of the two 1-2 points, of course.

2 and 3 are miai (i)  

Black has two sure eyes at a and b.

2 and 3 miai (ii)  

If White next blocks at a, Black makes another eye with b. And if White draws out at b, Black enlarges the eye with a.

NB: if White has a stone on one of the circled points, or at a, her move at b suddenly works and Black is dead.

Without supporting stones  

White's attempt to escape fails.


Wrong (i)  

B1 is wrong. After W2, B3 and B5 seem to make the most of it, but when White cuts at W6 it's all over.

Wrong (ii)  

If Black plays at the other 1-2 point, it is also wrong. B5 and W6 are miai for the kill. After W6, Black can play neither a nor b because of shortage of liberties.

Wrong (iii)  

B1 here is also wrong. White can even respond at ease to the hanes at B3 and B5, because whatever Black does, the points a and b remain miai for the kill.

Wrong (iv)  

Finally, what about making the corner eyespace as big as possible, with B1 here? White simply blocks at W2 and there is no way to make life.

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