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Yoda (W) vs. Cho (B)
Escaping? (W7 connects)
Capturing race - 1
Capturing race - 2
Black ahead??!?

Issue 102, Autumn 2004

  • Page 13: Figure 2 is missing move 100. It should be one line to the right of 95.
  • Page 48: Problem 8 reads White to play and live whilst the answers are for Black to play and kill.
  • Page 57: Problem 4 Dia 6 is wrongly labeled as Dia 4.

Issue 97, Spring 2003

AvatarDJFlux: Dear fellow Deshi's, the latest GoWorld I've got (n. 97, Spring 2003), came with a merryment and a puzzlement...

The merryment was the cover second page, with the usual Kiseido ad about their book Making Good Shape: the authors are given as Rob Van Zeijst and... a Richard Basilic%%% I assume that Basilic is a (very yankee?)corruption of Bozulich but I wonder where they got this wrong: in the previous issues the same ad had the right name...
Still Basilic is so beautiful... ;-)

Now the puzzlement: in the commentary about the first game of the 27th Meijin-sen between Yoda Meijin (W) and Cho Oza (B), I stumbled in the following position:

Yoda (W) vs. Cho (B)  

Cho has just played the marked black stone, and the question is: will Yoda escape with the marked white stone? (He won't: he will play at a...)
GoWorld reports Ishida comment: "If White extends to W1 in the diagram below, Black will cast a Net with B2."

Escaping? (W7 connects)  

Ishida: "The Hane of B2 (in the dia below) is severe, and the cut of W4 sets a capturing race".

Capturing race - 1  

Capturing race - 2  

Ishida: "The sequence to W5 (in the dia below) is inevitable and Black is one move ahead in this race. White's prospects are bleak."

Black ahead??!?  

Now, I must have hallucinations and terrible blind spots, but for the pimples of mine I cannot see how Black is ahead! To me it seems that it is White that will capture.
If Black takes the Ko at a White just connects at b and black is taken in a Geta.
I cannot really see Black having one more liberty! Just the other way round...

Where am I wrong??!?

Dieter: I have been staring at the same diagram some time ago when I received a copy and the comments are certainly flawed. The only way you can understand what happened is by reading the comments on page 16, at the top and around diagram 10. At the bottom of page 15, White and Black should be reversed and then the whole lot of comments makes some kind of sense.

DJ: Yup, that's what I've thought too...

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