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Arno, it's about time I modify the least modified page in the library, no ? #:-7. Today we were discussing the various internet Go resources. Someone made this point about the GTL: it is strange that you are forced to subscribe as a volunteer reviewer when you want to have your own games reviewed, whereas at the moment there is a vast amount of keen reviewers who have no work at hand. --Dieter

DaveSigaty: I think this is a misunderstanding, no? Anyone can submit a game for review without joining GTL.

"Why should you join the GTL?"
"You should join the GTL only, if you are interested in making reviews yourself. That is, you comment on games of other players."... quoted from [ext] http://gtl.xmp.net/members/join

Arno: See also [ext] http://gtl.xmp.net/services/getreview to which people are referred to, when clicking on "Get a review.". And also [ext] http://gtl.xmp.net/members/join?page=page2 which is the follow up page to the page Dave quoted above: "If you start requesting more reviews it would be nice if you offer making reviews in return and join us - although this is not mandatory. "

My apologies. I took that player's complaints for granted. --Dieter

Maybe he read it somewhere? Would be interesting to find out. No need to apologize :o) --Arno

GTL used to be based on a system of give and receive. You needed to make certain number of reviews to get your game reviewed. This was later abandoned. GTL today is free.

Both systems however are based on the strongest players being willing to donate their time to review a game for free. It's interesting to note that this has not been a problem so far. There is a problem of players not requesting reviews :).

For myself - I probably made a request only once as I either win or I have a pretty good idea what went wrong. Also - any interesting games I usually go over with my opponent on the spot.


I have used the GTL both as a reviewer and as a student. I think I have benefitted from both. I would recommend getting your games reviewed -- even if you have a good idea what went wrong or even if you won.

I have often found that sometimes there are higher concepts that come into play. Sometimes you misread a fight, but it turns out that you could have made better shape and won. Sometimes you have a running group, but it could be that you could have opened better. Sometimes you could tenuki and take a big point instead of playing a gote move...

Anyway, I recommend getting a game reviewed. What harm can it do? You might even learn something...

Chris Hayashida

HelcioAlexandre : Today GTL is completing 10 years! Congratulations to everyone who made this service possible and to all reviewers and players who game by game and review by review made it a great source of Go knowledge!

The main GTL page here on SL has only been visited, on average, twice a day since it was created 4 years ago. My own home page has more hits than that! According to Arno there is a problem with people not requesting reviews. Maybe we need to find a way to publicize this page more. - DrStraw

Arno: don't worry. The GTL page homepage has more hits than that :-) Just goes to show that this SL page is not all that popular.

tapir: I don't know where to ask this: Is it common that a review request is rejected by the GTL mods because of lack of preparation in the to-be-reviewed game? I thought there is a lack of review requests anyway and listening to what the better player has to say is better style than just waiting for approval for one's good ideas.

mikem?: Looking at GTL for the first time in a while, I see that some reviews have gray or yellow stars displayed in the listing. I'm curious -- what do those stars mean? I didn't find it in the GTL FAQ [ext] http://gtl.xmp.net/about/faq. Thanks!

tapir: They are reviews marked as particularly helpful by a number of people. (In my opinion, that often just means they are really long and explain plenty of minor details.)

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