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Getting alternate fonts working with Go Suite takes a bit of hacking:

  • Copy whatever foo.ttf files you like from your windows\fonts directory on your desktop machine to the same directory on your device.
    • If you'd rather install to your storage card you can use [ext] FontOnStorage
    • For example, I copied msmincho.ttf
  • Make sure Go Suite isn't running (Settings>System>Memory>Running Programs)
  • Edit the displayFont element in Program Files\Go Suite\prefs.xml
    • For example, I changed from Tahoma to: <displayFont>MS Mincho</displayFont>
    • It's very easy to make the UI look like crap. That's why I didn't make this a 'first class feature' in Go Suite.
    • If you really hork things and can't get it back, just delete your prefs.xml and it will be recreated the next time you launch Go Suite (you'll lose your preferences of course).

If all goes well, viola:


You'll be able to edit and display comments, node names, board markup, and all game info properties using any Unicode characters you like as long as the installed font supports it.

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