Go popular classics

    Keywords: Humour

Much-loved plays from popular culture.

The 1812 Overplay (Chaikovskij)

Invade far too deeply, run away and lose almost everything.

The Snapback of 'Not-a Dame'

With apologies to Victor Hugo.

The Beck Tenuki

I'm a loser baby - why don't you kill me?

The Kylie Minogue Random Tsumego Solver

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky ...

Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan improves on sliding them.

Thickness from Pink Floyd

The Wall.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Balance

Losing your seki made easy.

The Manchurian Candidate

Bill Spight, of course.

Get Carter

Sorry, I'll read that again - Get Kata.

Rin no Tintin (manga)

Boy reporter combines careers of first Belgian 9 dan and Alsatian dog ... (enough of this surely)

The Weakest Link

Be cut apart in a very public way. Goodbye.

And of course

The Monty Python Spanish Inquisition Tesuji

Completely unexpected.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

The Mr. Creosote over extension: Don't be greedy or your position will explode.

Monty Python's The Life of Brian

"Always look on the bright side of life..."

The Baldrick post-game analysis

Am I wrong or are the words I had a cunning plan. heading into this post-game analysis with ill deserved confidence ?

The game without clock against the slowest player in the club

Wake me up, before you go-go. No more Wham!

Fifth game in the tournament, and we're still in the running for the money

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

The James Osterberg approach

Cf. his vocal (he's better known as Iggy Pop) for Death in Vegas' Aisha, easily misconstruable as advice for any budding student of joseki:

Taisha, we've only just met, and I think you oughta know, I'm a murderer ...

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