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There is an option to replay the games found in gobase. The replay program allows you to guess the next moves and gives you an idea how right/wrong you were, so that you can sensibly adjust your guess. Very very good! Try it!


Robert Pauli: Since at least August 2004 you need to get an (free) [ext] account, for instance, to replay online. Anonymous/free email addresses will be rejected.

losdog: Does anyone know a way around this "no free emails" rule? My isp provides free email, so gobase won't accept the domain. I think I read that if you provide your KGS or IGS id then they will grant an account, but I tried and it didn't work. Anyone?

Your ISP email address should be okay. "Free email" actually means anonymous accounts, like yahoo, hotmail etc. Emails provided by an ISP are not anonymous. The whole idea here is, Mr. van der Steen wants to associate a real person with an email account, and that is not possible with freemailers like yahoo, hotmail.

losdog: Netzero is my ISP, and i've tried signing up from there to no avail.

BobSmith: Comcast is my ISP, and yet it doesn't work either. I have tried signing up from many different email addresses with my KGS ID, and nothing has worked.

Quicksilvre: It is possible to get an account with a Yahoo e-mail address. I changed ISPs recently and now I have an Internet provider without free e-mail, so I signed up to Yahoo. However, in order to get a GoBase account with such an e-mail address, it is necessary to provide other credentials--such as the clubs, or at least the go servers, you belong to. (Make sure you include your ID if you use a go server as a credential.) I was able to get an account fine (after two unsuccessful tried with my old AOL address) by giving my DGS and KGS names.

Dronak: FWIW, I just registered an account using my Yahoo address. I supplied both my IGS and KGS user names as credentials and received a response practically immediately saying that the account was created. Both of my accounts are new, no ranks or anything, so I wasn't sure if they'd be sufficient, but apparently they were. I guess they just want to confirm that you are who you say you are and you really want the account, sort of like how e-mail lists often make you confirm your subscription requests so that people can't sign you up against your will. So if I can get an account with a free e-mail address and two new go server accounts, I'm sure others can as well.

DragonN: i used yahoo to register but it doesn;t work someone help me please.

Ectospheno: Its not an automated registration process. A real person reads the requests and replies. So if it "didn't work" then you should have an email telling you why.

uxs I find the gobase account system somewhat annoying. I have an account, but I don't go there very often. This means that cookies are always long expired and I have to enter my login/password. However, because of the non-automated registering process, I have a login/password there that isn't one of my standard combinations for low-security sites. So now I have to wait until I get home to see if I can dig up my login/pass for the site to read something there. Bleh. /rant

Ectospheno: [ext] strip is a free palm app that encrypts and stores your passwords. It even has a one-time-password generator for the paranoid among us who use OPIE when connecting to our home machines. I only bother to remember my strip password and look up everything else.

ilan: My password includes the character " and depending on where I am on the site, it will sometimes demand a \" instead. This means that I need different cookies at different times, but also it means that I have to try a password 1.5 times, on average. I asked for a different password 6 months ago, without success.

IanDavis This is a classic example of Internet Impatience.

Velobici: Selecting passwords with certain known difficult characters is self-hindering. Where I work the director of security selected a password with an embedded space. Guess he thought that was a good idea. Didnt take him long to decide that the suffering he caused himself was not worth the added security. There are others of course, ', ", \, &, etc. Could have been worse, he could have selected a password with a character from among the first 32 characters of the 256 possible using eight bit bytes (octets)....such as 0x03. ;)

ilan: I've used passwords with such characters on Unix systems for decades, without any problems. It looks like the fault is with Windows, which is otherwise a perfect program.

DragonN?: I tried a lot of time, but no email reply . ???

Quote from gobase.org: "We will not process requests coming from anonymous and/or free E-mail services such as: hotmail, usa.net, yahoo, msn, aol, gmail, gmx, softhome, wp.pl, mail.*, webmail.*, ... " - That should pretty much answer the question why a registration from Yahoo account fails, no?

Anonymous: Does this site even work, anymore?

Michael Eisenberg: Yes, it does.

DragonN? yes i have read that, but i also read this page , someone have registered successfully using yahoo, i also asked some other players on kgs , one of them said they also got it by using yahoo

Anonymous: Has anyone RECENTLY gotten an account on GoBase? I haven't been able to get one after two retries or so. I waited a full week for each interval. Suggestions?

Break?: I mailed an account application 4 months ago in April, and no, I did not use a free/anonymous mail server like Yahoo. I never got any kind of a response. Later I sent another mail asking if there was a problem of some sort with my application, and so far haven't received a reply to that mail either.

Anonymous: I sent an account application mail in June 05 and got an acception mail some days later. Because i wasn't sure whether my mail-adress would be accepted i provided some extra-credentials: My DGS and KGS userid.

DSimpson Gobase is seriously irritating me. I have submitted an application to them three times in about a month and have not heard back from them. The first and second time was from my Earthlink account. I provided them all their requested information as well as my AGA member number, but I still hadn't heard anything from them. I also submitted a follow up inquiry from my work e-mail ... still nothing. Is someone asleep behind the wheel or what?

Andy Pierce: I also haven't had any luck getting registered on gobase (Sept 05)

Anonymous: I know this violates the rules, but seeing as there appears no way to register at present, is anyone willing to post up account details for the rest of us to use?

RiffRaff: Jan has been running this web site for over a decade now... for free. I can't begin to imagine how much time he's spent on it over the years. I think that purposely doing an end-run around his registration system would be an awfully poor way to pay him back. Just try again, and realize that it's a completely manual registration system. So if Jan is on vacation or something, you'll just have to wait.

Anonymous: Fair call, I know it was a pretty dodgy request, but I suppose I thought perhaps this project was discontinued, based on the reports from above as well. Well, I suppose we'll just have to be patient...

Andy Pierce: Let me know if you hear anything. It's been 2 months now for me with no word. Has anyone managed to register recently? One thing that would be nice would be if gobase would simply refuse to send pages altogether to non-registered people. Currently, gobase sends all the text, and then for each diagram asks for a login. These login requests cannot be refused from my browser which basically means restarting the browser. It seems unnecessarily irritating. Charles, would you consider mirroring your gobase articles at another site (here?) somewhere to give them some additional accessability?

AJP: 2006 follow-up: I reapplied and got an account with no problem.

RiffRaff: The "Hanging Out At Dan's" and "On Your Side" series of articles, at least, are available at [ext] MindZine (where they were originally published, I believe).

Utku: Is there a way for adding GoBase's search plugin to Firefox?

I have been trying to get an account since Sept. 2005; it appears the owner is no longer accepting requests. It's unfortunate that all the knowledge at gobase will be lost to newer players of Go. Hopefully the owner will either remove registration or begin processing requests again.

postglock: I also have been having problems for the last few months. (I was the above anonymous.) I thought I would wait a while before being negative, but I have still received no replies at all to my 2 emails. It does seem a bit of a shame really, as it appears that there is some excellent information available on Gobase...

haribo?: Just to say, I recently (late Dec. 2005 ) got an account using my Yahoo address. I included my IGS details and mentioned so in the subject header. Good luck to everyone else trying.

DragonN: still no luck, tried the KGS details on my heading but no respond

postglock: same here. I sent a third email with my kgs details in the subject header with no reply yet again.

postglock: well, I sent another email, just to see, and had a reply back in 40 minutes confirming my account! Hooray! So, for anyone still having issues, perhaps try just once more, as Jan appears to still be opening new accounts. Thanks Jan!

Leslie:I GOT AN ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!

drew: possibly helpful tip: don't use the list format, try giving a description in paragraph form

Antagony?: I just sent my fourth email. I put more effort into this one so hopefully I will be granted access. I sent my first email on July 5th, 2006. (Today is August 17, 2006).

lefrog?: Sep, 6th.

GoBase seems unattended? The search pattern doesn't seem to work, it returns an error : Invalid request The request \"\" was invalid.

And the latest piece of update seems dated August, 18th. Jan van der Steen is on vacation? hopefully something as good as that.

avysk: I've asked for account 04.01.2007 and got it 06.01.2007.

sapient? I 've asked for an account 4 times in the last 40 days (february to march 2007) but I haven't received any replies, one way or another...

21st May 2007

I've asked and asked for an account with no luck. Whats the point of a signup website that wont let people sign up!? Would someone with an account be able to get the SGF files to be uploaded on another site, or distributed by some other means?

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