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go9dan.com was a Go server at []. It hosted professional tournaments and planned other tournaments for strong amateurs with cash prizes, although these never actually happened.

Help pages

Browser requirements IE9 and above. Other browsers should just work.

Interface languages English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Ratings are based on an ELO variant; ranks follow ratings

Undo is not allowed.

Automated score estimation is allowed even during ranked games

Time counting is like ByoYomi. There is no disconnect protection. To resume a disconnected or adjourned game after logging back in, click that game's tab above the lobby. If it's not there, then the game was already lost on time.

Teaching game auction Using go9dan.com's unique automated bidding system, prospective students may offer to pay for games and prospective teachers may offer games at various prices. Teachers may also offer lectures for a fee.

Special Events on go9dan.com

  • World Go League

For three months beginning January 27, 2013, ten of the world’s super professional Go players played off in the World Go League Invitational for prizes totaling $100,000. Players were Lee Sedol, Lee Changho, Kong Jie, Xie He, Chen Yaoye, Park Junghwan, Kim Jiseok, Pak Yeonghun, Shi Yue and Fan Tingyu. Each player played nine games. Go aficionados note the ultra-high level of the participants in this “best of the best” league, particularly when compared to the early rounds of many major tournaments. The winner was Shi Yue.

  • Sedol Lee vs. Western Pros Ten-Game Match

Western professionals Catalin Taranu, Gansheng Shi and Andy Liu Liu Zhi Yuan formed a team that played one game per week with Lee Sedol. After Lee won 8 straight, the Western team resigned the match rather than play at 3 stones.

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