Get Strong At Cheating

    Keywords: Humour

Get Strong At Cheating is the newest volume in the ever-popular Get Strong series, by TimBrent

In this volume, you'll learn:

  • How to slide stones
  • Rearranging the territory to favor you
    • Hiding extra stones to help accomplish this
  • Tapping of the board to trick your opponent into thinking you've moved
    • Why would you do this?
      • You'd be hoping that your opponent plays a second time before you actually move, then you can claim that he forfeited because he played out of turn. Yuki Mitani does this to Kimihiro Tsutsui in Hikaru no Go.
  • Begging for undos after an error
  • How to make the clock work for you. (True story: About 5 min. into a tournament game the (low kyu) white player decided that it would be better if the clock were to be standing on the other side, so he took the clock and moved it over......)

Tournament Play

  • Sabotaging Ing "fill in" counting
  • Arguing with tournament directors
  • Using a shill to bolster your argument

Ways to accomplish are also included, such as:

  • The usage of tobacco to hide your intents
  • Dropping the bowl during the game;
  • How to move your arm the right way during a move to scramble the position (so-called sleeve-tesuji);
  • Vague placement of the stones to go where strongest if questioned as to the point it's on.

I like the fact that the book covers both technique and theory, but I find the problems lacking a bit. In order to keep the book concise, the author only provided one or two answers to each position. While I find the answers themselves adequate, some explanation of why each answer is ideal would have been extremely helpful. --Patrick Taylor

True story: Once a saw a player filling the opponents territory with the captured stones first, and continuing filling with unplayed stones from the opponents bowl!

Phelan: That might not have been cheating, it would be acceptable in some scoring methods, especially area scoring.

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