Accompanying materials of The Art of 9x9 Go:


Black wins 6 points, komi 7.

Early attack  

If you are Black, attack as early as you can, such as B3. Attack any W2 if it is weak and near to B1. A good attack should make B1 stronger and requires White's local response (sente). Next, hit White harder at a if B3 is ignored, which will make W2 even weaker and the black group even stronger.

Slow but solid  

Although B5 is gote, it makes the black group very strong--hard to cut or capture, and influences more than half the lower zone. White still has a weak point to fix (a) as it can be cut during the battle to come. Nevertheless, White is a strong player (4 dan GQ), he does not fix it until move 10. He plays other moves that are more urgent or bigger.

Art of Hane  

Any hane will creat a new weak point. B7 creates the weak point at a, but B1 serves as a backing army, which makes it hard for White to attack at a. A hane attack is good if you have an aid unit, such as B1.

Attack and big defense  

a is too defensive for Black to play; I don't like it. B9 looks slow but it attacks W2, defenses the upper right zone, and also sente. I like it.

Wall against wall  

B11 builds a wall against the enemy's wall. It strengthens the weak group of Black, and blocks White from easily jumping eastward and reducing the influence of Black on the east side.

Art of Pushing  

W12 is pretty strong. Normally, I don't attack a pretty strong stone as it can extend happily unless I can push it extend toward my strong group. Otherwise, I should attack the west, which affects the east instead.

But here a is not interesting for Black as this white group is very strong and will be even stronger if Black plays a.

Focus on the enemy's weakest army. Here, it is W12. Attack the weakest stone by pushing it move toward your strong group. To do this, I play b, which is B13 in the next diagram.

Art of Blocking  

B13 forces White to move upward from W12 which cannot connect with its strong group on the left. This is a both attack-and-block move.


a is solid but it allows White to escape with b and compresses Black. Don't play a. B15 makes Black firm and hard for this white group to base. This is the art of confining.


B17 is a safe and strong move. Be kind. Allow the enemy to live in a confined area.

Sharp cutting  

Cut it if you have a sharp knife, B19.

Avoid gote  

Avoid gote and small cutting moves. Don't play a, b, or c. Eye a bigger cutting.

Cutting by stratagem  

B21 is cutting by stratagem--cutting the enemy without using a knife, e.g., move a. B21 both attacks the white wall and split the white army. W20 and the great white wall will never be linked. This is called killing two birds with one bullet.

Sente defending  

A defensive but sente move, such as B23, is good, if there is no bigger move to play.

Sente defending  

B25 is a very strong sente defend. Sente defending is good.

Gote defend  

Dan players prefer safety. W26 is a pure gote defend, to make this group immortal, as the big black group is already immortal and can somehow swallow the white group.

Well confined  

Once the enemy is well confined, play somewhere else big and sente (if any). The white group on the right-hand side has no way to go outside; Black can enjoy a big move, like B27, which also attacks White, defends the top right conner, and fixes the weak shape of Black that invites a sente attack of White.

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