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● My profile ○

Hello everyone!

I'm a Go player hailing from Munich, Germany, at the moment. I was born in 1986 in Timișoara, Romania. You can talk to me in English, German or Spanish. My Go Club meets in Milbertshofen Mondays and Tuesdays at [ext] an Italian restaurant. I've started playing Go in August 2002 on Yahoo Go Servers, but soon moved on to KGS because of its great teaching functions and comfortable handling, but mostly because of many friends of mine playing there all the time. My main nickname there is [ext] Woodstock.

From 2002 to 2011 I played at the [ext] Go Club in Augsburg, Germany. Even though I had to leave my friends there behind, I'm still playing in the [ext] German Go Bundesliga, League 3B for my team Argus Augsburg (as Board 1). We have a second team by the name of Augsburger Gruppenkiste in League 5.

I'm back to 2-dan after an extended period of time. I'm back at my peak Go strength after a dry spell lasting almost one year. My last Go Tournament was the [ext] Berlin Kranich 2013. I won 2 out of 4 games, coming in at 19th place.

● My rules for playing on KGS ○

- I will play free games against any opponent (adequate handicap if needed).

- I will play ranked games against people of 1 rank compared to mine. If you want a ranked handicap game I will probably play with one of my lightning accounts.

- I will not play as white against opponents who are too selfish to teach others. Those are marked with a [~] sign.

- No undo in ranked games, except for obvious misclick (stand by your mistakes and don't ruin your style by undoing moves all the time!).

- No addtime, except you were afk and I have enough time to finish the game afterwards.

- Although I am online I might be afk or just have no time/intention to play, so leave a message but don't always expect an answer.

- I will never drop from an unfinsihed game on purpose. If I seem to do so, just wait. But if I don't appear within 10 minutes, leave a message and I guarantee to continue afterwards.

[ext] Games [ext] Rankgraph

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