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Hi. I knew about go nearly ten years ago, but started playing IRL and online only about six months ago. I needed a place to store all the things I learn from my games, and since I'm too lazy to set up a blog/site, I decided do it here. All these notes are essentially meant for personal use, so they may be a little messy sometimes, or not in English at all. Hope you don't mind :)

Things I've learned from my games

  1. If the other player loves close fights, go for open spaces and influences. And the other way around.
  2. Sometimes it's better to make a move which threatens to capture and not to capture at all, just to gain/keep sente (if it's more valuable than the capture itself).
  3. Play to have fun, not to win. If you're not having fun, resign. Also, don't care about your rating going up or down.
  4. In a semeai always strive to make an eye. An eye can save your ass :P
  5. Have a plan, either local or global. Consider global effects of local plans and vice-versa.
  6. During fuseki, keep balance between territory and influence. Settle or at least make your groups safe enough before going for the center. You should also run to the center before you opponent does, if possible.

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