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"Watch Hikaru and lose four stones in strength." Damn. I guess that means I should really be 5k.

Standard opening joseki  

My parents had bought a Go set a long time ago, but for the longest time, it had been untouched.

I remember playing my first game of Go. It was actually not too long ago. I had done some reading on the basic rules of the game, but was completely ignorant of even the most basic of fuseki or joseki. It was like the Rape of Nanjing all over again; at the end, all that had life ceased to live. Despite this loss, my interest in the game only grew. In the spring semester, I approached Go more seriously, studying and reading about it on Sensei's Library, and other web resources.

Without other Go enthusiasts in my area, I was forced to learn online. First, on IGS Panda NET, and now on KGS. As of July 2003, I am now a 9k player. I hope to reach amateur 1d by early next year. You can find me on KGS Rooms / Beginners' Room, teaching and being taught.

Right now, I am helping run the First Beginner's Room Tournament. If you are interested in registering and would like to know more details for the tournament, please visit [ext] http://holosys.co.uk/beginnersroom/

I was originally from Hong Kong, but immigrated to Canada very early on. My cantonese is very poor, but I'm always trying to learn more by watching chinese tv. *smiles* I lived in Vancouver for nearly a decade. I am currently living in Toronto.

I skipped two grades. Many people would not believe me when I tell them, but it's true. I remember a Law class where I showed up less than half the time, and a Chem class where I attended but regularly slept through.

Someone had once said, "high school is about abusing the system in order to get ahead in life." I agree wholeheartedly. Because teachers and students share a close working relationship, a student can easily mould and modulate a teacher's regard of you. Even if only a facade, working hard and impressing your teachers in the beginning of the year will set a bias that you can ride for the rest of the year.

After a major university entrance scholarship, various minor provincial scholarships and the Governor General's Academic Award [ext] http://www.gg.ca/honours/academic_e.asp, I moved out of province to study in Ontario. Now, I am a third year biology student at University of Toronto's Erindale College. Ultimately, I would like to get into Medicine, and I am working hard to achieve this.

If you live nearby, why not give me a shout? I can be contacted at gtang@nanokiero.com. Maybe we could play a game face to face.

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