diagonal plays as non-standard

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Joseki, Shape

Consider this play (which isn't standard joseki).

White tries for shape  

After the close pincer black+circle, W1 is played in cases when Black is strong locally - it's not a normal joseki. Black next at a or b: if Black at b, White in these circumstances will be happy to play at a.

Kato-Cho U  

This is from recent days (Kato Masao-Cho U (B) 2003-05-26) in game 2 of the Honinbo match. Black's formation is a Kobayashi variant, considering the position of black+square. Playing W1 is therefore not the most obvious idea, and B2 is severe.

Probably White reasoned this way: in the actual Kobayashi formation Black can react to a later invasion by White at a by invading at the 3-3 point in the right corner (as we are looking at it). In this case Black is a little heavier. Therefore White can spend time up to W7 building up in the centre.

White tries for shape (2)  
White tries for shape (3)  

These other variations on the theme are in the same state: they are not joseki in their own right, and can't be called good shape. But they are sometimes used for particular reasons.

Charles Matthews

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