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Hi there!

I started playing Go on 17 July 2003, but I don't play regularly. I've only taken part in a few tourneys up to now (Essen (D), Bonn (D), Hannover (D) and Lille (F)), however, that was really a lot of fun ;) Btw, that's me: [ext] Essen2005

You wonder perhaps, why I started playing Go ;) Responsible for this is Zwarn, who is now my sensei!

If someone wants to e-mail me, go ahead ;) celila@gmx.de

Have fun,


Some Links:

Zwarn - my sensei ;)
Jazzman - this page is relatively new, I hope it will grow into a funny and interesting page ;)
Rutabaga - our hero ;)

[ext] German Go Association / Deutscher Go Bund

Minue622's teaching board

TSC - The Shobute Clan ;)

Celila/Storytime - for Joslem and a lot of other kids in the Battlefield ;)

Some quotes:

  • Tesuji

hasty: tesuji ist wenn du denkst "hoppla, na das ist ein tesuji"
Zwarn: praktisch alles was gut ist ist tesuji ^^
StefanW: hehe naja das sind aber wirklich die züge bei denen man denkt, verdammt das geht ja
itself: tesuji = der zug den der gegner erwartet hat, den er aber nicht spielen würde, weil er ihn nicht versteht.

  • librarian (2k) vs Zwarn (2k)

librarian 2k: i lost for sure i can feel your strength
Zwarn 2k: hehe :)

birdie: das ist aber ein nettes rosa, die page
birdie: so sollte ich mein schlafzimmer streichen :-)
emk: ok time for dr strangelove ...

  • asiyanobom (7d) vs Arwen (7d)

Celila 14k: e16 for b?
Move 205
Intake 3k: good call
Move 207
Celila 14k: ;-)
Move 208
Dorie 2k: Celila 7-dan!!!
Move 210
halo5 11k: good read
Move 221
Dorie 2k: You had all this in your mind when predicting E16, right?!!
Intake 3k: close game now
Celila 14k: sure ^^
Celila 14k: no not really ;-)
Dorie 2k: :-)
Cargo2 ?: Wow Celila

  • mouton112 (8d) vs. Machi (7d)

lokki ?: maybe we could introduce a yellow press on kgs. "The Daily Board"
melany 3k: G16 either a losing move or a winning move?
Valefore 22k: ahh yes..G16..well that's..i don't have the slightest idea.
Move 38
lokki ?: "New 8d? sighted - Big Escaper or Ex-Pro"
Move 40
jantiff -: aw
Move 44
melany 3k: gosh. white is so sly.
lokki ?: "TheCaptain admits: I was trying to kill him until he stops moving"
Valefore 22k: um
Clash 15k: lol, "Captain on new killing spree"
Move 45
DMXdawg 2k: killtacular!
DMXdawg 2k: running riot!
DMXdawg 2k: triple kill!
Zalf 7k: haha
Valefore 22k: headshot
mamoru 14k: sound you guys in the wrong game :)

  • kent1 (6d) vs. Zacard (?)

Bishbosh 6k: i think i could make at least one live group vs even a mighty 6dan
mushin ?: the 2 ban tesuji - when you're pressed against the edge, continue escape onto 2nd board
mushin ?: you know, until move15 or so it was looking like a high level experimental game
mushin ?: then black makes an empty triangle and it just got funnier from there

  • English Game Room

Mezcal: kyu is silver / dan is gold / watch the admins / all in bold. <--- kgs poetry.

  • during a cap game ☆

Erasmus 19k: Celila, it seems they've adopted you as Special Captain Liason
Celila 17k?: I noticed, erasmus
mrkibbles 19k: lol
Celila 17k?: ... I should add something to my info...
Erasmus 19k: lol, good idea
Templar 21k?: it would make a grand title
mrkibbles 19k: the official captain expert
Celila 17k?: like: I'm not Captain's secretary.. don't ask me to arrange game appointments with him

  • and another cap game ☆

ronni 7k?: TheCaptain is a fighter ...
Negitoro16 12k: thats his reputation
RedPython? 4k: he's insane

If you like, you can leave a message here!


  • Bashan: Hi Celila! What does your nick mean?
Celila: It has no meaning for all I know. ^^ I made it up in 1999, and three months ago, I found out that it is a real name! That was kind of weird ;)
  • YouCantWin- Heya celila ;-)
Celila: hiya ycw !!
  • Rich: I first encountered Go at Newcastle Uni. I hope you're enjoying your time there!
Celila: I hoped that too... but I'm back in Germany now - still don't know if I'll finish my studies in the UK.
  • Mrkibbles: i came i saw i read
Celila: I hope you enjoyed it ;)
  • Mrkibbles: need to update celila
Celila: done ;)
  • movado: Hi! Thats for recommending "The Girl Who Played GO" by Shan Sa! Too sad maybe I shouldn't have picked it up.
Celila: *sigh* I warned you that it is very very sad =( It is a short book, but you have to think about it for a long time after reading it.
Celila: hey woody *waves back*
  • Rutabaga: Wow, you HAVE updated this! Hope all's well.
Celila: yes ^^ all is well ;) i hope you are fine too! Hope to see you soon again on KGS ...
  • Launchpad: Ya know, if I was any good at go, I would take down TSC by myself! So, since I can't do that, I'll just say hi. hihi celi!
Celila: hi launchpad ^^ and you know, we might not have the most games or wins, but TSC prefers Quality ... not Quantity ;D
  • Jazzman: HEy Celilamausispatzi: Where are you theses days? long time no see on KGS!

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