Capture the Cutting Stones in Joseki 2

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The proverb is "Capture the cutting stones". This discussion continues from the previous page.


After the 3-3 point invasion at W1, Black blocks and plays double hane with B4 and B6. White naturally cuts and now the proverb comes in.

Capture the cutting stone  

black+circle is a cutting stone. W1 and W3 capture the cutting stone. B2 and B4 capture the corner.

Not capturing the cutting stone  

If White ignores the proverb, Black will gladly follow it and capture white+circle in a ladder at B2[1], or cut it off with a.

This is even sente against the White group. See Kyu Exercise 1. So White ends up in an unfavorable position.

[1] It is improbable the ladder is bad, because then Black would not have played the double hane.

Charles I wonder if this comment can be checked in pro games.

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