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9kyu vs 9kyu  

After a somewhat odd opening we arrived at this, with black attempting to connect underneath with black+circle. I've played a few thousand Go games now and have lots of experience with this (although I'm not sure I've ever handled it correctly). One thing I've done before is just lived on the bottom while letting him connect.

Gronk: Very well, but this has little to do with the main page. Why is this here?

[?]: I think it helps provide an insight to why this isn't as dangerous on the 3rd line. Besides is there someplace it should be that is better?

Gronk: Yes. It is better at InvasionOfThirdLineThreeSpaceExtension. (Easy to find by a search by the way.) In fact, I believe most of this content is already there (though I haven't done a thorough check). So, this page is indeed misplaced.

White lives, Black connects  

The alternative to this must be to simply peep with W3 as in the next diagram.

White peeps.  

It's difficult for me to say which is better. I chose the former variation and managed to win by 1.5 after many mistakes on both sides. On the one hand this fits well with white's position at the top but black seems to get a decent position on the left. Maybe this way was better. At any rate there doesn't seem to be a way for white to force black to stay seperated.

Dieter: I think this is definitely better (cut & connect) than living low with two points. Also, compare Black's positions in both cases. But, I'd start with the peep.

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