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Belgium Shodan Challenge

The Shodan Challengers

Keep them alphabetical!

Challenger | Entry Rating | Entry date | Current Rating      | Personal Goal
(KGS nick) |  @ KGS       |            |  @ KGS              |
Benedictu5 |  10 kyu      |  13/07/07  |   3 kyu             |  1 dan by Newyear 2009
dantesxx   |   6 kyu      |  13/07/07  |   6 kyu (EasyLover) |  1 dan by Newyear 2008

Seven Steps to Shodan

Serious players aspire to reach "shodan", a level of mastery similar to a black belt in the martial arts. (copied from [ext] AGA)

  1. Play on the Internet: When you're ready to try your skills against a human opponent, just log onto one of the popular online go servers.
  2. Play in person: Internet play has its advantages, but there's nothing like face-to-face play -- the click of the stones on the board, the sweat on your opponent's brow. If not, don't despair -- someone near you plays Go, or wants to learn!
  3. Get Equipment: You can get a decent playing set for the cost of a computer game, or you can spend more for special high-quality slate and shell stones and boards from beautiful wood.
  4. Take Lessons: If you haven't already found another local player or two, it's time to do so. There may even be someone in your community that is a stronger Go player than you. If so, you have found a potential teacher!
  5. Study Life and Death: Most top players agree -- practicing life and death problems makes you stronger, at every level. Finding a way to kill the opponent's group can decide the outcome. Even more often, sound play that leaves no vulnerabilities can give you the initiative to win.
  6. Review Professional Games: Along with life and death, the other form of essential study is the review of professional games. You don't have to understand them -- just let them unfold, learn the flow of the stones.
  7. Play in a Tournament: Competition isn't just for the top players. In the end, every player competes with him/herself, striving to become stronger. Tournaments offer top conditions for testing yourself, plus good fellowship and expanding your world of Go acquaintances.


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