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Not a marked point but it'll do.  

Threatening to capture a pivotal stone demolishes the eye that would have been formed by White playing at a.

Capturing the first stone  

The points a and b are now miai to remove one eye from White's position.

White hopes for the best  

Ignoring the situation doesn't make it go away.

ProtoDeuteric- Would this be gote on white's part?
Mef: Only if white adds another stone and black doesn't respond.
ProtoDeuteric- Maybe I'm just not looking at this problem correctly. To me, black appears to concern itself with the possiblity for white to make eyes around the ponnukied stone. Would a more accurate interpretation be that W2 and B3 are miai, and that thus B3 is, in fact, a response to W2?
Mef: Yes, white has 2 places to make an eye, so after white makes an eye with W2, black destroys the other eye with B3, so B3 is a local response.

White's strongest resistance  

White's strongest resistance is to set up a ko at W2 and fight it. It's the only correct move for White.

Radvendii:I dont think this is correct. if black ignores W2 and plays B3 at "a " white fills and only has one eye. and even if black doesnt ignore and white wins the Ko she cant take anything of blacks so the only option is to fill. black then plays at "a".

MrTenuki: Suppose that B3 is played at a, and W4 is played at b. Alternatively, suppose that the ko is played out, and White ignores a threat to play b. In either case, White would live.



B1 only destroys the eye on the outside, but W2 makes the eye in the corner. B3 and W4 are miai for living.


In this diagram, W2 lives with two eyes.

lavalyn, unkx80

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