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Black lives  

Black should make life as long as it's possible, even if it means losing the marked stones.

Black dies in a snapback (W5 at 1)  

Should White play at W3, the snapback will destroy Black's chance to make two eyes and the whole group dies.[1]

Black dies outright  

If Black plays atari at B2, White captures three stones with W3, which also destroys any chance of a second eye.

black lives?  

shouldnt black be able to live if he plays at B2? if white plays at "a" black plays at "b" and if white plays at "b" black plays at "a"

Tapir: Yes, this is the solution. It's essentially the same as the first diagram.


Anonymous: Question, given that you cannot take a stone that has just captured one of yours is not move 5 possible since 4 has just taken?

Answer: The rule is that if a single stone captures a single stone, that stone may not be taken back immediately. In the diagram 3 stones take a single stone at move 4, so those three stones may be captured on the next turn.

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