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In 34 Point Low Approach Two Space High Pincer Hazama Tobi B1 is described as an overplay for Black. But how does white play if Black is stubborn?

See 3-4 point low approach two-space high pincer hazama tobi/Evaluation with KataGo

Refutation 1  

Kim Seong-ryong's Mastering the basic way of moving horse? gives this variation. The Suzuki - Kitani Small Joseki Dictionary gives a for W6.

Dave argues: It looks like W6 should be at "b" (C17) instead of G16. White threatens to push at "c" and cut. Meanwhile "b" prevents Black from pushing and cutting. KataGo gives the following sequence in that case:

Dave's idea  

KataGo thinks that Black comes out better of this exchange (W11=a, B12=b, W13=c) given the good corner, the aji at the marked points and the fact that Black comes out in sente.

Further discussion


If this push and cut, Black seems fine.


This also seems to work for B. There does seem to be some aji around 'a', but I don't know how to exploit it.

Tapir: Not sure at all, but Black can't resist here because of the a aji.


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