BQM 524

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Hoshi approach  
  • 3-5 point hoshi approach?
  • FireclawDrake: Is this played often? What are the followups?
Hoshi approach, Black gets a good result  

This very simple response assures black of a great local result. He gets territory in the corner, and white's influence doesn't look very impressive. Of course, if white is REALLY strong on the top this might be okay, however it is definitely NOT joseki.

Hoshi approach, Black gets a good result?  

A good result, eh?

After W2, B3 reverts to joseki. B3 at a is not so good, is it?

BobWhoosta: I wouldn't consider this joseki, black is definitely better. He gets the hane at the head of two stones, so imo this is a better result for black. I don't know which joseki you are referring to, which may be why I'm confused. Can you map out the entire joseki so we can see what you mean??

fractic: Actually it's a very famous joseki, the avalanche joseki to be precise. However B3 at b looks good for Black.

Hoshi approach, continuation: Bad for White.  

BobWhoosta: You can see in the possible continuation that black gets to hane on both sides of white's formation if White protects the cut with W3. Black has territory, white's influence is a lot less.

fractic: If this B2 then W3 should be at B4. After Black a White can extend along the top or play at W3 now.

Hoshi approach, continuation: If White Nobi.  

Black's corner is huge, and he's peeping out on both sides. Where is the good variation for white??

fractic: White can continue with the a-b exchange. This is joseki it might look better for Black but remember that Black has played a stone more here.

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