BQM 482

    Keywords: Tactics, Question
Example similar to a recent game of mine (don't mind black+circle being odd-looking :)  

The situation is simplified. I want to explore a here - and want to know whether white can live locally, in the game black was so strong outside that establishing a running group won't help.

White fails (W3 doesn't work in combination with black+circle or similar stones)  
What happens now?  

Black too passive?  

hhw: Maybe live this way?


hhw: Black can certainly stop White from getting the corner. Unless Black completely dominate the part of the board we don't see (like what tapir implies), the marked stone may come under pressure if Black plays this way.

counter hane  

Dieter: With black+circle low, W3 should explore life on the left side.

counter hane, continuation  

hhw: Checking joseki gives this. After W10, Black a, White throws in at b for ko. Joseki includes a push by White at c, Black can answer d here and give White another ko threat.

counter hane, variation?  

hhw: However, going back, it seems like Black's one-space jump (black+square) may still allow him to play B7.

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