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Fuseki on one side

Basic half fuseki.  

A while ago I decided to try playing B1 and B3 whenever possible. I found myself very comfortable with this opening, so kept playing it.

Comfortable fuseki.  

The problem I have is that recently I have become uncomfortable with certain lines that result.

Alex: W6 here is usually one line lower, to make it easier to settle. See Orthodox Fuseki.

First a line that I feel comfortable with.

Uneasy fuseki.  

One position I felt comfortable with before but am starting to feal uneasy with.

Many times one or two of W2, W4 and W6 are over one intersection forming the Chinese fuseki in place of the Sanrensei shown.

Alex: White cannot tolerate this position. B7 is just too perfect in relation to the shimari and hoshi, much better than White's san-ren-sei or Chinese-style pattern.

Nice continuation .  

One continuation of this that I really like to use is:

Black overconcentrated? error in diagram  

The continuation that started my uneasiness appears in this diagram. The continuations that really bothers involves exchanging a or b for c,

I hope it is obvious that the thing that is bothering me is that all the Black stones are on or near one side. Thus it would seem that Black is overconcentrated.

Is this a real problem with these openings?

Bill: Please correct this diagram. White has gotten two moves in a row.

Thad: Actually Black passed :) Thanks.

Bill: Thanks. The pass was a mistake. ;-)

Bad for White  

Let's switch colors. W4 is considered bad, as it invites B5, which has a good relation with B3 in particular. B5 also gives White a low posture on the bottom of the board. According to Kajiwara in The Direction of Play, W4 is a game losing move.

Your sense of the matter is good. :-)

OK for Black  

OTOH, because of the open corner, B3 is OK for Black. If W4 Black can play the mini-Chinese with B5 - B7. B5 at a or b is also OK.

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