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This is a friendly series of teams matches in the Australia Room. If you want in, WRITE IT DOWN HERE. Or drop aguido a note on KGS. Be aware that all matches will be covered on the Australian Go Journal and you are liable to have your games reviewed by a scary Sydney-based professional.

  • The matches are conducted on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon chosen by mutual arrangement. One match every two months is the ideal. For Brisbane, it's going to be Sunday afternoons.
  • Players meet in the Australia Room on KGS at least fifteen minutes before kickoff.
  • Organising happens via this page and via email, one captain per team. Organisers are encouraged to play in their respective teams.
  • Ranks and handicaps are allocated beforehand with club ranks as a basis.
  • 19x19 boards, Japanese scoring and tournament rules, 75 minutes per side plus five sets of thirty seconds byoyomi, rated games. Or maybe 45 minutes per side if people change their mind. Or maybe this should be mutually agreed by both teams before the day of the match...
  • The matches are open to any go player on KGS resident in the respective city or state. Teams are a minimum of three (was: five) and a maximum of however many can find someone on the other side to play. The captains from each side have final say in who is on their team.
  • Matches are played simultaneously. Any species of draw is half a win to each team, forfeits (fifteen minutes no-show after the game starts) are treated as losses. The team with the most wins at the end of the afternoon wins the match.
  • Winning a match gets the winning city two points. Losing a match gets the losing city half a point (they showed up and played). Most points in a calendar year wins the series. Suggestions for prizes are welcome.
  • Appeals are to the Friendly Series convenor; until further notice this is aguido.


February: Adelaide versus Brisbane

A synopsis, courtesy of [ext] xela's match report:

  • jackoheart (Brisbane, white) vs bestedwin (Adelaide, black): B+5.5
  • xela (Adelaide, white) vs Nighteyes (Brisbane, black): W+R
  • greenfuse (Adelaide, white) vs powidl (Brisbane, black): W+33.5
  • jasonchan (Adelaide, white) vs matjet (Brisbane, black): W+R
  • benlaowai (Adelaide, black) vs c0nfuseki (Brisbane, white): B+forfeit
  • hello12345 (Brisbane, white) vs weissm (Adelaide, black): W+30.5
  • kifudancer (Brisbane, white) vs onehan (Adelaide, black): B+lots
  • aguido (Brisbane, white) vs ozball (Adelaide, black): W+22.5

So, Adelaide 6, Brisbane 2, and Adelaide wins the match.

December: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Victorian Go Club and [ext] MU-SPGO vs Brisbane Go Club, at 2pm Brisbane time on Sunday the 13th of December, 2009. White vs black:

  • jackoheart (John Hardy, Brisbane, 3d) vs winefirst (Yoshi, Melbourne, 3d): B+R
  • vege (Trithang, Melbourne, 2d) vs matjet (Matthew the Unexpected, Brisbane, 2d): B+R
  • tdtran (Tridat, Melbourne, 1k) vs aguido (Horatio Davis, Brisbane, 3k): W+R

Melbourne won the match 2-1.

2009 results

  • Adelaide: one win = 2 points.
  • Brisbane: two loss = 1 point.
  • Melbourne: one win = 2 points.

Net result: Melbourne and Adelaide tied for first, Brisbane third.


January: Brisbane vs Greater Sydney

Volunteers so far for the Brisbane team: nighteyes, matjet, c0nfuseki, kifudancer, aguido.

Volunteers so far for the Greater Sydney team: tomk, aussiemate, jon6660 , elsewhere.

erm... when is the date for this???

January, 2010.

(was July 2009, updated after Sydney's team didn't quite materialize, and then September, likewise)

The Standings So Far

Two points for a win, one point each for a draw, half a point for a loss.

  • Adelaide: no matches = 0 points.
  • Brisbane: no matches = 0 points.
  • Sydney: no matches = 0 points.
  • Canberra: no matches = 0 points.
  • Melbourne: no matches = 0 points.
  • Perth: no matches = 0 points

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