Attacking Advice


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  • Going immediately for the kill is rarely good. Use your attack to build thickness or territory. The usual outcome of an attack is to have gotten territory, or strengthened a moyo or removed or weakened an opponent's moyo or territory.
  • The thing you want to avoid most is giving your opponent an easy connection. Cut the attacked group off from his friends whenever you can.
  • Don't allow weaknesses in your attacking groups. If your surrounding groups are weak, killing will be much more difficult, and if you don't kill, the weaknesses will hinder you afterward.
  • As a consequence of the previous advice: If your opponent threatens to break through your encirclement and at the same time threatens to (for example) make an eye, don't allow him to get out. Even if it means giving him immediate life, having him invade your territory or moyo, even if it is looking for eyes, is very disagreeable.
  • In most cases, the best distance from his group is one space in between. If you touch him directly, you often give him momentum. If you are further away, you might leave enough space to give him eyes. (Touching directly gives White the option of hane to create a possible crosscut. The hane helps create eye shape. Crosscut are a source of complications, and complications always favor the stronger player.)
The power of the keima  
  • The keima (knight's jump) is known for its attacking potential. One type of keima attack that is often seen is the sequence in the diagram to the left. The one-point jump, although better known for its defensive potential, also is often used.
  • The basic techniques of attacking are enclosing and chasing. If you are able to confine your opponent to a small space, your stones generally develop a very nice thickness. This is especially true if your opponent has a hard time making two eyes, because in that case he will have to push against your surrounding walls, making them even stronger. If you chase your opponent (that is, jump across the center side-by-side), the goal should be to get a line of your stones facing an interesting direction (for example a moyo of either player), while his are running over dame points (that is, are neither making territory nor useful influence).
  • Look at possibilities to strengthen your positions with peeps. If you can threaten to cut your opponent's group in two, or to take away an eye, in such a way that your own group is strengthened or his eyespace reduced, while he does not get more options, this is (of course) a worthwhile move. Don't be afraid that he will give you part of the group and escape with the rest - this situation just means that you are ending the attack and reaping its sweet spoils.

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