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The [ext] Asus Eee PC is a (very!) small, cheap (around $400 US) computer with solid-state storage media, running a Linux operating system (Xandros). As such, it should be excellent for studying and casual online play in areas where a full-size laptop would be less practical.

If you can confirm software that works with the Eee, please list it here!

Known Working

  • Cgoban3 (KGS) works with latest Java JRE (1.6) installed! Have tried observing a game and chatting but have not tried to use it as a game-study tool.

  • Jago seems to work fine. Just download it and then run it with a terminal ( Ctrl-Alt-t ) as "java -jar jago.jar". If you want to install gnugo, from a terminal:
wget [ext]
sudo dpkg -i gnugo_3.6-2_i386.deb

should do it. The gnugo binary will be in /usr/games/gnugo

Known Problems

  • KGS's Java client crashes on clicking "play on KGS server" when using the default (1.5) JRE.


PC Magazine review, for the interested

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