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HI hi, ACErose here, hahaha i have figured out how to have fun with my go...not take it so seriously and get too upset of it or the people that try to rain on my parade.....lets see if i can keep things this way at least for awhile ^^

Aivonix: ACErose is much more than an ace of roses! Beware, she can turn your go life better than anyone else!


SukOwenRuu?: I love you all.

tiggGrr: dont throw bricks =P

SukOwenRuu?: I love you all.

tiggGrr: o.O

SukOwenRuu?: I love you all.

tiggGrr: your flooding love

Sc0rpion?: O_o

ray12: keep you cuties to yourself >:O

Schezkaa: even meee?

SukOwenRuu?: sings love's in the air*

tiggGrr: o.O

Schezkaa: even meeeeeeeeee? ~_~

ray12: *turns on "Dude looks like a lady"*

Schezkaa: <---------ish loved :D

SukAceJava?: hello.

Schezkaa: XD nice username

tiggGrr: o.O

SukAceJava?: If only I can have more than 10 characters...

Schezkaa: what would u say?

ACErose: oh yay i am here twice

ChipMonk: o.o

ChipMonk: You weird people!

TigRayAce?: hello

Schezkaa: i am not wierd >:O

ray12: haha

jowzer: which one are you?

ChipMonk: That sons by AeroSmith?!

ChipMonk: *songs

ray12: =P i know

Schezkaa: XD

tiggGrr: wow now ace is here 3 times

Schezkaa: ace is a lot of ppl^^

jowzer: TRA, who are you

ray12: =( i'm only here twice

TigRayAce?: all 3

Schezkaa: aww, not me?

tiggGrr: your name is a little long zelda =P

tiggGrr: dont think it can fit with 2 other people

chidoriray: now i'm here 3 times =D

ACErose: YAY

Schezkaa: it is not, it's just that no one likes me >:O

jowzer: look at me...

Schezkaa: *looks*

ScheAceTig?: hello

jowzer: I only have 1 other J peorson in the room

Schezkaa: XD

Schezkaa: my name starts with J too :D

ACErose: mine does not

ChipMonk: I'm only 1 person >_>

Schezkaa: no one likes you, Monk^^

ACErose: well i just invited all my voices here, but i am only one person too Schezkaa: XD

Schezkaa: i can be as many ppl as i want :P

ChipTigAce?: hello

ChipMonk: Nooooooo!

ChipMonk: >_<

Schezkaa: Noooooooooooooooooooo

Schezkaa: go away, C/A/T

Schezkaa: Cat

ACErose: YAY i am a cat

Schezkaa: omg, it's a CAT

ACErose: i rock

Schezkaa: XDDDDD

ACErose: Meow

ChipTigAce?: cat out of order

ChipMonk: Mrrrow

ACErose: >^.^<

ScheAceTig?: i am sat

ACErose: cat sit on cat

ACErose: sat*

ACErose: lol

Schezkaa: *sits on a cat*

ChipAceTig?: now im cat

ChipMonk: cat sat on! something..

Schezkaa: *sits on another cat*

Schezkaa: *sits on Chip's cat*

ChipMonk: o.O

ray12: *shakes head disaprovingly and walks away*

Schezkaa: >^.^<

tiggGrr: now ace is on 5 times

ChipMonk: *Shuts the dooar to the dojo*

Schezkaa: XDDD

ray12: *nails door shut*


Meepy: acey!

ACErose: hi hi

Meepy: guess what!

ACErose: what?

Meepy: we're trying to think of a name for the last donut

ACErose: fuzzy??

Meepy: no, not fuzzy

Meepy: first we need to decide what gender it is

ACErose: loney always looks better on guys >>

Meepy: loney?

ACErose: well you said last donut

ACErose: so it must be lonely

Meepy: oh good point!

Meepy: ok, now we're getting somewhere!

ACErose: so its lonely

Meepy: yes

ACErose: and its a boy

Meepy: I'm thinking we should name it after royalty

ACErose: prince charles

Meepy: that's two names

Meepy: what was that russian king that got killed?

ACErose: vlad

ACErose: umm that isn't the russian king

Meepy: vlad? I think he was romanian

ACErose: well it can be a vampire donut

ACErose: ^^

Meepy: no good, it's coffin is clear plastic

Meepy: it would have burned up in the sunlight

ACErose: well i like wolfgang and sebastien too

Meepy: wolfgang is perfect

ACErose: YAY

Meepy: thanks acey :)

ACErose: glad i could help

ACErose: i like helping ^^

Meepy: hmm, today is wolfgang's sell-by date

ACErose: oh should we .... celebrate??

Meepy: I certainly hope so

bigred1: HI ACEY xD

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