3-4 point low approach from the wrong direction

  Difficulty: Expert   Keywords: Joseki
'From the wrong direction'  

W1 is considered a kakari 'from the wrong direction' because it does not prevent an enclosure. It is in practice only played when there is already a move like black+circle on the left side.

The most common answers are the squared points, the main alternatives are the circles.


B2 accepts the invitation to make an enclosure. After W3, the joseki is finished. If White already has a stone at or around a, W3 is played at b.


B2 puts more pressure on White. W3 is one possible answer. After that, Black must choose between peace and war. B4 is the peaceful answer, and white creates a living group. The alternative is B4 at W5, but my data are insufficient to specify what would be joseki after that.

Push up (11 at a, 12 at b)  

More common is the push up at W3. There are various possible answers. Here is one follow-up. Other possibilities for B4 are c, d and B8.


A third possibility for White is the extension at W3. Black can continue with B4, but White often plays tenuki after this, considering W1 a light stone.


When black plays the pincer with B1, a common variation is shown here. After B3 we are in a position that is more commonly reached through the 3-4 point distant low approach, one-space low pincer joseki.

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