1st Beginner tournament 2016

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This is the biggest tournament for beginners in the history of go. It started 13th August 2015, one minute after midnight. It was created by [ext] ☠☠☠☠☠☠Pirate☠☠☠☠☠☠.


Allowed enter rank was 29k-16k. Players that didn´t fit the rank limit were kicked, two days before the tournament start (after that no one was kicked even if they reached the rank limit). The tournament started with 211 participants.

Kicked players

In total, there were 14 players kicked.

Kicked players
[ext] mita va [ext] Scintillate
[ext] goeasyonme [ext] Karet
[ext] pfrances [ext] oderich
[ext] john_nld [ext] Redfox42
[ext] Pashman [ext] Malisi12
[ext] Denrio [ext] dachen11
[ext] Zofren [ext] Fose


First round


[ext] ilike10gen


Black White Link Moves
[ext] GroundHog [ext] cuisinart [ext] Link
[1] [ext] GrekMaR [ext] KyleTroy [ext] Link 000
[1] [ext] Cooladelic [ext] ☠☠☠☠☠☠Pirate☠☠☠☠☠☠ [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] Tufted Turtle [ext] SavaLazic [ext] Link 001
[ext] EonPiece [ext] Goneaway567 [ext] Link 250
[ext] Gannicus [ext] OL-GO(21) [ext] Link 236
[ext] mekriff [ext] BlueberryDaemon [ext] Link 219
[2] [ext] Donut [ext] GO 2015 [ext] Link 169
[1] [ext] The Joker [ext] sijonth [ext] Link 001
[1] [ext] RafaelScarlet [ext] www3 [ext] Link 001
[ext] Amne [ext] ManuelGA [ext] Link
[ext] vaughnhannon [ext] russellwstanley [ext] Link
[ext] iris_3 [ext] MichaelPetrick [ext] Link
[1] [ext] rshiordia [ext] Erudos [ext] Link 001
[ext] Cap'nFlap'n [ext] AerialSnack [ext] Link 005
[ext] axitlqhn [ext] oimena90 [ext] Link 159
[ext] MisterVimes [ext] Gogoisto [ext] Link 140
[ext] Kirill7777 [ext] Breit1 [ext] Link 001
[ext] obimiau [ext] dreDREb13 [ext] Link
[ext] ImprobableBlob [ext] timoschn [ext] Link
[ext] JeffW1961 [ext] Labirinto [ext] Link
[ext] Honinbo Shusaka [ext] ナナシ [ext] Link 001
[ext] linokai [ext] ZabetTheRabbit [ext] Link
[ext] kezbane [ext] anderbubble [ext] Link
[1][ext] kkw96 [ext] daviwai [ext] Link 001
[1] [ext] the true sai [ext] MichaelWoodard [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] Clalet [ext] CerberusRex [ext] Link 000
[ext] winger [ext] Pava [ext] Link
[ext] aguiladplata [ext] VIKT [ext] Link
[1] [ext] アンドルー [ext] Burak5 [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] Jonpa [ext] yearsago [ext] Link 000
[ext] Chinchi [ext] berry.k.74 [ext] Link
[ext] Jagannathan [ext] cloudsarescary [ext] Link
[ext] ajinthevalley [ext] depol [ext] Link
[ext] Foxmelts [ext] Quailman [ext] Link
[ext] Eltrion [ext] neko_chan [ext] Link
[ext] stargrazerfairy [ext] Sandpiper [ext] Link
[ext] vianist [ext] сай [ext] Link 023
[1] [ext] kissmecomix [ext] F1R [ext] Link 001
[ext] sulai [ext] mandelbulb [ext] Link
[ext] jimp45 [ext] easydog82 [ext] Link 010
[ext] Guchlu [ext] Achilles14 [ext] Link 162
[1][ext] killslick [ext] sam.w.jennings [ext] Link 000
[1] [ext] Opil [ext] JaggedLilly [ext] Link 000
[ext] KsyGo [ext] Eldragon [ext] Link
[1][ext] rulzofgre [ext] Ben Vsb [ext] Link 000
[ext] matt212 [ext] Ginguin [ext] Link
[ext] LedZeppelin [ext] Ashwood [ext] Link
[ext] SlowLarry [ext] Yusaii [ext] Link 217
[ext] JustinNF [ext] Claudeth20 [ext] Link 105
[1][ext] Sai Maduro [ext] william000 [ext] Link 000
[ext] konchdrone [ext] DylanJones [ext] Link
[1] [ext] hsmosa [ext] SgtSunshine [ext] Link 000
[ext] siektiekkitaip [ext] Hiroyoshi Nakamae [ext] Link
[ext] pabell2005 [ext] Loogicc [ext] Link 048
[ext] Black Albino [ext] Gr3gg [ext] Link
[ext] 1w4ntstr0ng3st [ext] Sai Sugay [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] RDDDIB [ext] nyaa [ext] Link 000
[ext] Ada Kong [ext] Zal [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] am.bien [ext] Urosas [ext] Link 001
[ext] Adrian Hartanto [ext] apiarian [ext] Link 132
[ext] absassi [ext] guatonhide [ext] Link
[1] [ext] SethMattox [ext] ORPH4NUS [ext] Link 002
[ext] Tomekke [ext] RemyJuston-Coumat [ext] Link
[ext] pperez333 [ext] GiuseppeJones [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] Jeray [ext] NekaJ [ext] Link 001
[ext] Potam [ext] Umi-chan [ext] Link
[1] [ext] sunspark [ext] Mr.Tree [ext] Link 001
[ext] ciaran57hk [ext] sjj [ext] Link 030
[1][ext] BananenXD [ext] 98454 [ext] Link 001
[ext] Go Ninja [ext] schwarznuss [ext] Link
[1][ext] virre [ext] James T. Kirk [ext] Link 001
[ext] zzzzzzz [ext] oleole [ext] Link 001
[ext] Maciej [ext] Filin01 [ext] Link 001
[ext] 001616542 [ext] learning_go [ext] Link 002
[ext] shehzadi [ext] jabrantesdossantos [ext] Link
[ext] Alex U. [ext] ReBornDayDreamer [ext] Link
[ext] gigginy [ext] saintducksauce [ext] Link
[ext] Yuzuki [ext] Overcast [ext] Link
[1][ext] DaveClymer [ext] J@CK [ext] Link 000
[1] [ext] World [ext] pokemonsta433 [ext] Link 071
[1] [ext] cloud182 [ext] mr. batgfd [ext] Link 001
[ext] Akarimzhul [ext] LostStone [ext] Link 008
[1][ext] DrahoslavBednář [ext] enn punkt [ext] Link 002
[ext] ottomatick [ext] OhSoarEh [ext] Link
[1] [ext] K.Hatake [ext] Hideousbattle [ext] Link 001
[1] [ext] rotov.nikolai [ext] Raii [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] aldidolove [ext] carter.sd [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] rsk [ext] Cophee [ext] Link 001
[ext] Itspottime [ext] Kodama [ext] Link
[ext] balarama [ext] danielh [ext] Link
[1][ext] achilles54 [ext] c12lon [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] etheralienspider [ext] pod764 [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] Ŝaren [ext] lagerangri3 [ext] Link 000
[ext] blacklotuskin [ext] Sibiryak88 [ext] Link 001
[ext] litr89 [ext] Sairu [ext] Link
[1] [ext] Ilors [ext] AlAkina [ext] Link 000
[ext] xprinc [ext] goy_vey [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] youlike2 [ext] assassass [ext] Link 001
[1] [ext] DarkZeus [ext] hnallman [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] Kolllo [ext] Geecut [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] robotgerman [ext] thetwinkie [ext] Link 001
[1][ext] DatEggOverThere [ext] Hamakk [ext] Link 000
[1][ext] aertevasius [ext] Mi-Ru [ext] Link 000
[1] [ext] LeoAkiko [ext] Olojn [ext] Link 000

Second round

A group

B group


Pairing system

Initial Pairing Method is random. Subsequent pairing method is slaughter.

Tournamnent system

System of the tournament is double elimination, with not repeated finals.

Time settings

Time system is simple, with 5 days per move and weekend pause. There is a problem with the time settings because time reset after weekend so the timeout is immposible, this issue is being fixed by moderators.


[ext] 1st Beginner tournament 2016


|[1] Game ended by timeout.

|[2] Game ended by decision of moderator, because one of the players didn´t want to accept the result.

|[3] Winner is marked with red color.

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