I Found The Hand of God

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Okay, me being insane, I've got the theory that I've found the series of "perfect" moves which lead to victory for black every time. Of course, Player X is sceptical, since I'm only about 20 kyu, and challenges me to a game, at which point I tell him that I have a couple of restrictions, since this is only my early prototype:

a) No komi. Combinational Game Theory here's not gonna work if there's komi, as it throws the whole passing/not passing thing out of whack and stuff.

b) Understandably, the Hand of God I discovered refers to the PERFECT PLAY of BOTH SIDES... so I haven't taken into consideration any obviously bad moves.

So what? asks Player X, let's play then... (snickers to himself, "This should be amusing, I've never played an even game with this clown before, since he's at least 2 stones weaker...")



In game comments from X:

1 : So, playing at tengen, eh?

2 : I'll play super conservative here...

5 : Hmmm... don't tell me...?

7 : I knew it, the fool's playing manego!

8 : I'll just break his mirror then...

Me: That's a mistake, bad play!

X : So? I don't think you know how to capitalise on it!

Me: It's such bad play that I haven't got developed a response to it yet.

X : Fair enough. (plays another move which is a manego breaker, but is more reasonable)

Me: Ah... still too weak... why don't you play the biggest move on the board or something?

X : ...

X : ...

X : Let me guess... your brilliant theory is that the Hand of God involves manego, and you thus refuse to accept any move from me that breaks your mirroring?

Me: Ummm... in a nutshell, yeah!

X : Nuclear Tesuji!!!

Heh heh :) A foolish young player thought of this strategy in Chapter 15 of the Hikaru no Go manga. He forgot about the komi, though. It also doesn't seem to have occurred to him that if manego always won, someone would have thought of it sometime in the last 3,000 years ;) -- Tualha

Actually, I thought it to be kind of a handicap, playing first without komi. His plan was to make a tie, not to win, after all. -- Dansc

Hmm, yes, I missed that he was going for a tie. I don't see anything about the komi either way, though. -- Tualha

Okemura of Kaio,against Akira,when Akira captures 5 stones in the centre,Okemura resigns.-TimBrent

Hehehe... I just found the Hand of God. I'm serious, actually. I know How to Beat Anyone at Go. -- Syckls

Bah, *I* have the Hand of God. I can beat any 9p giving *him* 360 stones! -- The mysterious player

360 handi works only with Japanese rules. In other rule-sets it' nothing more than reverse komi.zefciu

Broken Hand Of God  

If W plays at circle what happens to the hand of god??

I would think that this would follow through on a full sized board as well.

anyone could beat a 9P if they give him a 360 handi I could in one move. ^-^

I beat God giving Her nine stones handicap. Settings were: 30 min main time plus 10 min byoyomi. After 40 minutes, God lost on time. Here is the final position:

Kami no itte  


cliftut: Ah, you missed it. Kami no itte was played. God created all things, including humans, and humans (as far as we are currently aware ;) ) created Go. By inheritance, God thusly created Go, since he knew (or rather, since God must be beyond time, knows) that this would (has) happen(ed). Your existence is a part of this. By inheritance, God played that move, and inversely, you played God's move. Because you won, God also won. THIS, I believe, is the Hand of God. So, in other words, congratulations!

If God is beyond time he must be 4-Dimensional!

atomicHolt: On your first move, you use telekinesis to place your stone (where ever you want, it doesn't matter), and the other player, of course, immediately resigns.

cliftut: Or, more likely (I think), they pass out and lose by time (unless in kind conduct you pause the time).

Also see Countering Mirror Go

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