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[ext] Strasbourg rules. Commendably (and rarely), the philosophy behind the rules is clearly stated: it is to be a set of rules which complete novices can learn and play unattended. They have been translated into multiple languages, and have been the basis of a Flash intro to go. Straight evangelism, in other words. Scoring is stone scoring, which is equivalent to area scoring with a 2 point tax per group. The ko rule is either just the simple ko rule, with long cycles undefined (the first introduction to the ko rule) or superko. Stone scoring is not no-pass go, but isn't too far from it.

(from Doug's Go Blog/June 2003)

Harleqin: The "tax" description is very sloppy: stone scoring can be described as area scoring with a tax of 1 point per needed eye (think of seki).

Gyom: I seems to me that Strasbourg rules are an instance of the StoneCountingTeachingMethod, so I'm not sure we need two distinct pages. Comments, anyone ?

Bass: The Strasbourg rule set is much more than just the point counting bit at the end of the game.

Gyom: indeed, and the StoneCountingTeachingMethod, as the phrase "teaching method" in the name implies, is also a bit more than just the point counting bit at the end of the game (have you even read the linked page ?)

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