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from claint to wms: First let me state that I think kgs has a great community and kgs plus is a good idea, as it gives incentive for pros to give lectures. It creates something like a community go dojo, which is great.

I think old lectures should be accessable to new comers, by charge or free of charge. Otherwise I believe it is a model where information is hidden from people, and this does not look ethical to me, especially if that information is there to help people improve. Your product is "something that helps you improve." There is a pool of old information you can sell, but you are not selling it. Is that a wise plan?

So now, let's discuss this as a business model:

I think the fault lies in this wrong assumption that we both made earlier: The assumption is that, as the more lessons pile up, their value will increase. While at first this is true, this is a wrong assumption, because as the number of lessons increase, the time to review them all will become improbable. The subscriber still will need to invest his time, so that he can benefit, just like any other go learning experience. There will be hundreds of lessons in some years' time. 1000 past lessons won't have double the value of 500 past lessons. In fact, after some time, the value of the past lessons will become a constant, because it will depend on the subscribers incentive to go over them, just like other many multitudes of go information. There are 300+ back issues of magic of go, thousands of old pro games on, and thousands of problems at, and there will be hundreds of lectures to go over on kgs.

So I arrive at: Old lectures have 'constant' value.

But I think your business model is ok right now, because the value of the past lessons haven't hit that constant. The number of lessons didn't reach that critical mass. People think (including you) past lessons are valuable, because they missed it, and there were so few of them. People won't think so anymore when there are 500 past lessons.

It is a short term strategy, but I have to agree, it is a good startup stragedy. But it is also based on short term assumptions, which are false. (Basically there is something you can still sell, but you have already sold it, and not selling it anymore: old lectures)

So let's look at a long term plan, say you will adopt this in one or two years:

  • option 1:

Same business plan. you get your subscriptions. As a bonus, you charge a constant extra, to make subscribers see the old lectures.

  • option 2:

You promote your product. Why? You want people to buy it. You do research and see if promotions will help. Weird thing is most the time they do. So you give "week extra", "christmas +2 week special" and this and that. or.... you will give the old lessons since they have constant value as well. So you could make things like 6 month membership gives full access to past lessons. Or you can give them for free as an ever ongoing promotion. It is your call, depending on your research.

so in order, short summary for a long term plan concerning old lectures:

  1. Old lectures have value, and it is not very wise to not use that value.
  2. Old lectures have constant value, or will have after some time has passed.
  3. Therefore old lectures should be
    • either sold for a constant extra
    • given away for free as a promotion.

Just my 2 cents. I may be completely wrong.

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